Hulkageddon Declares War on All Industrialists

The problem with running an event like Hulkageddon is that you will inevitably feel the need to turn things up a notch with succeeding iterations, lest things become stale.

So first it was killing exhumers for prizes.  Then there were better prizes, and then there were achievements and prizes for special types of kills.  But where to go from there?

Well, according to the Hulkageddon IV site, you go here:

2) Haulers are fair game now

Since merely blowing up mining vessels is fun, this time around we are broadening the target spread to generate more tears of dismay! In Hulkageddon 4 all mining vessels, orcas, freighters, haulers, noctis and primae count towards your score! Yes, you read that right, all the vessels mentioned there count for the main prize. In addition to that some vessels have their own achievements linked to them, check the prizes page for all the details!

In the past, those who have participated in the Hulkageddon events have had some pride in their claim to a (thin) veneer of legitimacy by pointing out rather loudly that they were hurting bad people, ISK sellers who were using 3rd party programs to mine while AFK.

But now it is all haulers as well.  And I am sure that, having killed a hauler, they’ll have a friend around to collect any cargo that might be left behind.  Why let that go to waste, eh?  We have a sponsored suicide ganking event.  Wasn’t that an issue at some point in the past?

It is just a dedicated “screw the carebears” week now in EVE Online, and claims that is anything else it are just a pile of BS.

And there isn’t anything anybody can do about it.  CCP actively subsidizes this sort of activity with an in-game insurance mechanism that ensures that the gankers face no financial loss while the victims suffer.

There is some sort of an attempt at a counter event called Griefer-Geddon, but it is a joke. (Not to mention kind of a lame name choice. Was Ganker-pocalypse taken?) Trying to quickly kill the gankers in that small window between when they attack their target and when CONCORD does them in is a pointless effort.  You might save a ship or two, but the ganker still gets his insurance payout and there is no way to be at the right place at the right time with any consistency.

So there you go, a game with a system that totally prevents any sort of active response to predatory behavior.  Your only options are defense and avoidance.  You cannot attack, you cannot retaliate.

Welcome to EVE Online.

And be careful flying February 19th through the 28th.

10 thoughts on “Hulkageddon Declares War on All Industrialists

  1. Letrange

    Well, there’s nothing stopping you from suicide ganking the haulers waiting to pick up the suicide gank results. You’d even get in on the hulkageddon scoreboard that way. Not to mention most high sec carebears have more of a sec status cushion to “burn up”


  2. Orkanen

    The public service justification for Hulkageddon was always weak. It quickly changed from going after macro miners to going after anyone who mined AFK, because they deserve to get blown up for thinking they can make money without having to pay attention while the cargo hold fills. In other words, the people who argue that suicide ganking is a legitimate form of game play were arguing that AFK mining is not a legitimate form of game play. It was a very self-serving argument.

    Look, EVE allows players to do bad things to other players, and there’s a reason CONCORD doesn’t respond instantly. Suicide ganking is a legitimate game mechanic. If some players want to spend time doing it, that’s up to them. But it’s silly for them to pretend the carebears have it coming.

    I think the real problem CCP should address is the imbalance that makes suicide ganking so attractive. First of all, eliminate or reduce the insurance payout for Condordokken. Even Helicity says the insurance system is nuts.

    Second, add a suicide ganking defense mechanic to the game by making it easier for escort ships to defend a carebear ship against suicide ganking. I’m not sure how, exactly, but I’m thinking maybe an easier way to provide short-term logistics support, or maybe a new kind of EWAR module that can remotely reduce a ship’s targeting signature radius or even break existing locks. Carebears need some way to defend themselves other than giving up carebearing.


  3. nelsonminar

    You say this like it’s a bad thing!

    FWIW, the carebears can defend and can attack. It’s not hard to build a Q-ship that can hold down a couple of gankers long enough to take them out. Or put down the mining lasers and build some system defense, stop the bad guys from coming into your mining buddies’ constellation.

    I love how Hulkageddon changes the game around for a week.


  4. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Nelson – I don’t say it is a bad thing or a good thing, but merely a product of what CCP has created.

    I, frankly, enjoy watching emergent gaming and the drama it causes. I just don’t think the gankers hold any exclusive right to have things their way, and many cry/complain just as hard as a softest, fuzziest carebear if anybody suggests making their chosen play style any harder or less financially self-supporting through the insurance system. (Helicity Boson is notable in being upfront about about the insurance system being broken.)

    The problem with your suggestions is that Hulkageddon is guerrilla warfare. You can deter it by spending a lot of time and effort on defense and making yourself a hard target, and the gankers will just go elsewhere. But for something that is just a game, it is probably easier just to take the week off and just keep an eye on the market and your skill queue instead.


  5. wizardling

    They’re also actively censoring many posts that are critical about their motivations. It’s all really rather sad. Of course being a private site there is no free speech, but I still find myself chuckling that my polite post regarding the pointlessness of having a contest that is killing ships which cannot effectively fight back was censored. Yup, pretty sad indeed.

    Now they’re going to piss off missioners by targeting their Noctis and Industrial ships, I hope there’s more payback for this crappy behaviour. It’s a shame there’s no mechanism to prevent sales to members who offend us. That would truly be an excellent comeback for those of us who play the industrial and/or market side of Eve (which almost every player does, unless they’re giving all their loot to their corp – but that’s still indirectly benefiting from the market).


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