And Then We Were Three

How hard is this game that I am posting about hitting level 3?

Well, Skronk and I made it that far.

Though I would guess that we only played about 40 minutes, tops, to get from levels 2 to 3.  Working in a group helps.

It also helps that we managed to get ourselves a little better armed.

Skronk and Vikund

Skronk got himself a pair of clubs while Vikund found a worn great staff.

So far, so good.  Grouping up has helped speed things along and the slow pace of levels hasn’t deterred us yet.  Granted, we’re not going lightning fast.  I saw a level 12 looking for group that night and I saw a group of level 15s the next.  I don’t have that kind of time to invest daily.

But with our advancement we have both managed to collect a bit of cash.  It was time for Vikund to see what other spells he could obtain.

That meant a run back to Halas and some research.

Back in the day, back in 1999, spells in EverQuest, like most everything else in the game, were doled out the way they were in TorilMUD.  Every five levels you hit another tier of spells from which you could choose.  So you had some at level one, then another set at level 6, 11, 16, 21, and so on.

However, somewhere along the line, they changed all of that.  You got more spells and regular intervals.  If you run through the tutorial that is in the regular game, you get a bunch of those spells as part of the intro.  On this server though, there is no tutorial and nobody tells you what spells you get.

So you can figure it out the hard way, by going to the spell vendor at your guild, or you can look it up on the web.

Allakhazam, still my friend after all these years.  It was the place to go in 1999, and it still seems to be the place to go in 2011.  There I found a listing of all the shaman spells and the levels at which I can learn them.

I didn’t grab them all, but I now have a little bigger selection of things in my spellbook.

A few spells

So, slowly, things are developing.

And, while we were out the other night, we got to see Fippy Darkpaw make his regular assault on the front gates of Qeynos.

Bark Bark Bark Die

The guards got him.  They always do.

So Vikund is developing into a useful character… for level 3.  The heroic barbarian shaman.

Heroic Vikund

Now I think I had best start working on some clothing.  He’s got the figure for the bare chested look, but you really have to wax oil a chest like that on a regular basis.

Anyway, our EverQuest quest for glory continues.  Looking for level 4 soon!

4 thoughts on “And Then We Were Three

  1. Bhagpuss

    Dinged 3 with my necro last night. As I was swimming in Ak Anon and idly recalling that Oasis was where my characters always ended up improving their swimming skill while pulling crocodiles out of the sea, it occurred to me that one of the many mysteries of early EQ was the variation in xp gain from zone to zone.

    There was much speculation at the time, but it was eventually confirmed that every zone had a “ZEM”, a Zone Experience Modifier, so it really was true that you levelled faster in some zones than in others. These also turned out not to be fixed but adjustable by the Dev team and they have been fiddled about with many times over the years.

    Which led me to wonder what ZEMs are in effect on Fippy Darkpaw. Have they gone back to the originals? Have they removed them? Have they said?
    I know they removed all the Hot Zones, which are a special case of ZEM, but does Crushbone still give 50% more xp than Blackburrow, for example?


  2. Khoram

    Man I wish I could find a regular group of people to play old-school EQ with for an hour or two a couple nights a week. “I got a worn great staff” – lol remembering those old days when we were excited to get something like that! Nowadays even in the EQ tutorial you would be given something 10x better just for running from one NPC to another.


  3. P@tsh@t

    Mrs. P has been infinitely amused by my periodic reports about having raised a skill from awful all the way up to merely feeble, etc.

    The paradigm shift is rather remarkable over the years but it’s really fascinating to see how the psychology changes merely as a function of where you put the end points when the distance between them remains the same. Players respond differently to a scale that ranges from -100 up to zero than if that scale ran from -50 to 50 or from 0 to 100.

    Perhaps the original EQ demographic responded more vigorously in attempts to disprove their inadequacy rather than prove their leetness.
    But that’s a thought for another day.

    I’m just looking forward to a holiday weekend filled with more uphill in the snow both directions like adventures.


  4. Toldain

    At last my download finished yesterday, and so I took the afternoon off and consequently dinged 3 last night before bedtime.

    I’m in Felwithe, of course, with no shot of getting to Qeynos any time soon. Or is there? Hmmmm….

    But send a tell to say hi anyway.


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