Decision Time for Fippy Darkpaw

We’ve had free access to the Fippy Darkpaw progression server for a week.  But now the time of reckoning is at hand.  Or will be soon.

Free Account Time is Over

I logged on this morning, just to see if my account had been flagged as closed, but I was still able to get into the game.  I suspect that will change by this evening.

And so tonight I will have to decide whether to carry on with Fippy Darkpaw or not.

Though, as I have stated previously in posts in what has become my latest EQ nostalgia series, I think Potshot and I are interested enough to subscribe for a month.  I haven’t logged in to WoW since the Fippy went live.

The details of our further adventures in nostalgia are still to be worked out.  Like Stargrace has mentioned, there was some talk around multi-boxing.  I have never really been successful with that, but we shall see.

I just hope enough people will also opt-in for another month to keep the server lively.  That has been the key to the whole thing so far.

Anybody else in for another month?

Or, probably more interesting at the moment, if you have decided to give it up, why?

14 thoughts on “Decision Time for Fippy Darkpaw

  1. Troy

    It will be interesting to see if they merge the two servers together?

    Will there be enough paying customers for both, or will they need to combine the two to make a viable world?

    I am still on the ropes, though as Wilhelm states there is probably at least enough fun for another month. 15 bucks — 50 cents a day? Worth it?


  2. Wizardling

    I’m in for the long haul – anyone after a mature player to group with on Fippy should email me – jamiekg at wizardling dot geek dot nz

    This seems the first chance in years to really enjoy levelling long term. Not rushing to the endgame. But actually playing _for_ the levelling experience. Every other western fantasy MMO I’ve played has either increased XP gain to the point where it’s mere weeks to max level, or was always that fast.


  3. Zentr

    I’m in. I got Station Access because I like Vanguard too. I’ve played a bunch of MMOs and none of them suit me better than Everquest and Vanguard. Especially after coming from the rather linear and fast paced questing of Cataclysm. I want to experience, not get experience points. It’s not nostalgia anymore. It is happening. The further expansions for EQ will open tons of content that I have never experienced.


  4. Snick

    First of all, thanks for the blog – it has been highly entertaining to live vicariously through your well described exploits on Fippy Darkpaw.

    In a late-night fit of nostalgia, I emailed the few old guildmates I knew back in my Everquest halcyon days (2001-2003 for me) to see if they wanted to take advantage of the freebie login to get together on our old server (now merged twice since) and enjoy some roleplay and maybe kill something. While I got positive responses from all three old EQ friends I still had contact info for, all promising to get set up and get back to me, I still haven’t heard from them.

    Despite this, I enjoyed logging in the old server and checking out the changes like Freeport, Ro, Highpass and the new Newbie zone Crystal something or other. Even as a level 65 DE enchanter, I still managed to die a shameful death on the Docks of Overthere. I forgot how much bad faction I had with Venril Sathir and that a couple of lvl 45 goons could still punk a fully buffed chanter in seconds. Alas.

    Anyway, I found your blog last Thursday and have been reading your Fippy Darkpaw exploits since but deigned to try Fippy for myself until Sunday evening. It took me a while to settle on a character – A Wood Elf Ranger, that would be unique right? (wrong) And I always wanted to newbie up in GFay, having only really newbed in Qeynos/Freeport/Nektulos.

    After about 30 minutes of late night east coast playing I realized what a bad idea that was. Not only was Wood Elf Ranger by far the most active class in the zone, at least 2 to 1 to Druids (31 rangers, 14 druids at my count) Everything and I mean everything was camped to max; I think I found 2 decaying skeletons the entire time running around beneath Kelethin, with a couple of dozen players resting by the lifts or running around like me looking for a mob to kill. Ahh yes, just like ‘old times’; an over-populated newbie zone with way too few mobs to satisfy. I struggled to remember why I would want to experience this again.

    Then I took a look at my Experience and realized I was done; barely 1 blue tick on my exp bar for two yellow kills ?! I know they said the leveling was going to be slower to start than the existing servers, but that was too much. By my calculations it would take 50 yellow kills per level for my ranger in GFay and with the level of competition I was seeing that would mean several hours to level, and probably weeks of playtime with my schedule just to get to level 10.

    Maybe I picked the wrong zone, or maybe I am just done with Everquest, finally, for good. It was nice to visit my old toons and see the updated zones, but for my part I think going almost completely ‘old school’ for the progression servers without at least upping the newbie spawn rates or adjusting the XP gain is too extreme compared to the low-level desolation on the other Live servers.

    I would love to enjoy EQ again, from the start, but having only a few hours a week to dedicate tells me this is a losing battle all around. (And now I see from MMOQuests blog that Naggy AND Vox have both been downed on Fippy??!? Is that for real? How is that possible with only one week of play? Were the test characters vetted into the Live server? I don’t get it…)

    Anyway, please keep up the blogging, I have you on my reader list now and look forward to reading your ongoing adventures.

    Cheers, or as Snick used to say, ‘Huzzah!’


  5. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    @Snick – You are spot on with the 50 kills calculation. I’ve read elsewhere that there is a cap for basic solo exp which limits you to 2% per kill. It is apparently alleviated by being grouped, especially in a group of 4 or more. But I had the same realization that level 2 was going to be 50 kills away standing there solo.

    I also heard that Faydwer was packed. I suppose it is my luck that my early game memories are of Qenoys, which was (and remains) the ass-end of the original game content. No graphic revamps and not so much crowding.

    The hard core players are definitely showing themselves. I was on when the server announcement of Lady Vox went out. I have the screen shot.

    And the whole thing isn’t for everyone certainly. I happened to be in just the right mood with enough free time to indulge in this event and lucky that Potshot was feeling the same way.

    The last set of progression servers didn’t interest me, and I really wasn’t planning on playing on Fippy this time around until the very last minute.


  6. Bhagpuss

    I have Station Access and I am really enjoying playing on Fippy, much more than I expected, so I will be around for the foreseeable future. With Rift incoming, though, it will obviously be getting the lion’s share of my MMO time.

    My necro finally made it to Freeport last night, having been dumped in the sea by the boat the previous three times. If I can get him to the Karanas and Qeynos I’ll be very pleased to group with you if I see you’re on!


  7. Troy

    I didn’t realize they were penalizing solo play with the xp penalty. That really hurt — like someone punching me in the gut.

    I was ready to re-sub, but with that fact I question my ability to play. I was thinking that getting to 4th level was a real drag, but now I know why. I often find I have only an hour or so a day to play, definitely not long enough on pull groups.


  8. Cuppycake

    I am definitely going to keep playing :) I’m still having a blast. Although I’m not sure if I want to stay playing my druid so I may roll an alt. We’ll see! :)


  9. wizardling

    No offence, but I think it’s missing the point to decry slow XP gain. The idea on Fippy Darkpaw is to have fun levelling, not rushing to the endgame. However, if you want the endgame then just hop on a server like Firona Vie which has super fast levelling and mercs for the solo and small group players.

    Right now EQ has the best of both worlds IMO. I’m hard pressed to think of any other MMO offering such different play styles in the same game (including the open PvP server) – they all seem to have gone endgame only. So don’t be put of just cause Fippy aint for you.


  10. wizardling

    Cuppycake – I’m so tempted to start making alts :-D It’s a disease! Ack! But I’m worried the ease of PUGing in low level zones won’t last. Still hopefully I’m not the only one afflicted by altaholism, and they’ll stay bust for a fair while longer.


  11. Damage

    @Troy, they aren’t penalizing solo play, they are trying to put a cap on xp so things like twinking are harder. The unforseen outcome of this is that getting from level 1 – 2 takes 50+ kills now because of this cap. I can tell you as I have a level 14 Necro that solo xp is not penalized at later levels.


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