Destiny of Velious Ships, Distracts SOE, I Keep Playing EQ for Free

Congratulations are in order for Sony Online Entertainment which just shipped, yesterday, the 7th expansion for EverQuest II, Destiny of Velious.

The DoV expansion comes with a lot of new features including flying mounts, if I read things right.  SOE even have a special Twelves Days of Velious celebration going on for the launch.

For those immersed in the game, this is a big deal.

As for me and DoV… well, the last EQII expansion I bought was Rise of Kunark, and I have yet to make it to that content… so I won’t be rushing out to buy this new expansion any time soon.

Of course, as with many a launch day, there were issues.  EQ2Wire was reporting them throughout the afternoon and evening.

All of which seemed to keep SOE focused on EQII, so it appeared that nobody hit the switch to turn off free access to EverQuest.

Which was a good thing, at least for me.

There is some issue with my Sony Station account, and I cannot access the subscriptions page.  And if you cannot get to the subscriptions page, you cannot subscribe.

Fortunately, EQ was still free last night, so I opened a support ticket and played for a little bit.

We’ll see which comes first, my issue getting resolved or EQ ceasing to be free.

3 thoughts on “Destiny of Velious Ships, Distracts SOE, I Keep Playing EQ for Free

  1. Khoram

    Hmm that’s strange… I specifically tried to log in last night to play some more on Fippy on the off-chance that they had fogotten to switch off the free access, and when the launcher came up it said I had no access.


  2. Troy

    I still had access this morning — but someone was telling me it was 7 days of free play rather than specific dates?


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