EverQuest Denied!

Ah well, somebody hit the switch at SOE and the free play time is finally over for EverQuest.

Subscription Required

However, 24 hours later, I haven’t heard anything about my support ticket and when I try to go to the subscriptions page for my Station Account, all I get is an error.

We will not take your money

I’ve been “trying again later” since Tuesday morning.  That doesn’t seem to do the trick.

And I got a tweet from Stargrace today that said she had the same problem in the past and that it took SOE two weeks to deal with it.

So there may be a considerable interruption in my EverQuest posts while SOE decides whether or not they want to take my money.  My past experience with SOE support does not make me optimistic.

8 thoughts on “EverQuest Denied!

  1. Yeebo

    My one experience with EQ support was …I’m not even sure when. Ages ago. Around the launch of PoP I think. I got stuck on a boat. I was somehow jammed into the boat geometry and couldn’t get out of it or take any actions. For example, trying to hearth out failed repeatedly. I sent in a ticket. Finally, after five days, my sister’s boyfriend swam out to timorous deep and teleported me out of the boat with a summon. Based on that experience, “When hell freezes over” is a pretty good time to expect a response. I can only hope they’ve improved since then.


  2. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    I got a response from support at close to midnight last night (so somebody was working late… or working the late shift) that they had fixed my issue. I logged in this morning to check and, sure enough I can now see the subscriptions page again. Only one evening missed.

    Elapsed time to response: ~28 hours. About the best response time I have observed from SOE. They still stand at about 70% for “responded at all” however for my tickets.


  3. Bhagpuss

    I’ve always had exemplary service from SoE and that’s over several MMOs and a decade of play.

    Fingers crossed I didn’t just jinx it!


  4. Troy Christensen

    This morning, Feb 25, my account was finally locked. Now I must weigh the decision of returning or not?

    The easy answer is yes; where else can you get this sort of fun for 50 cents a day. The more philosophical answer would be no; why should I pay to play a 12 year old game that I played so much so long ago?

    The rub and the dilemma.



  5. Shadow

    I was getting the same error pages at times yesterday when dealing with tickets I had submitted as well. I found that if I did a sort of reverse tunneling through the site, and got to the support page after logging in again, it usually worked out. It was a weird, going-around-your-elbow-to-get-to-your-ass type thing, but it worked.


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