Hulkageddon IV is Over

The event is over.

Despite what I wrote previously, it ended at 00:00:01 on February 28th, 2011.  I read the time frame as through the 28th, not until the 28th.  My mistake, but it is over all the same.

Of course, now is the time to take a peek at the killboard for the event.

This time around there were 843 exhumers and 574 mining barges destroyed.

Unless I am reading the kill board incorrectly, that is a serious decline from Hulkageddon III, when the exhumer count was over 1700, along with over 700 mining barges.

And, continuing the trend, the killboard only reports 6 Orcas destroyed, down from 29, though Roquels remained even, with one killed in each event.

This time around industrial ships counted for credit as well.  There were 504 basic haulers killed, 30 transport ships, 2 freighters, and a single jump freighter.

On the other side of the equation, Griefer-Geddon has their own prize list posted.  The Griefer-Geddon kill board does not have a nice summary page like the Hulkageddon board, so I cannot tell exactly how many gankers they thwarted.  Nor do I have any way to connect the lower kill count for Hulkageddon to the existence of a counter event.

I am sure somebody out there will have a more detailed analysis.

So what did you do during Hulkageddon?

13 thoughts on “Hulkageddon IV is Over

  1. Stabs

    Well, I mainly played Rift :P

    I did a little missioning, switching out my Noctis (a Hulkageddon target) for a salvage destroyer.

    I also did some PI but as I PI by rather naughtily poaching in someone else’s 0,0 space I’m always super careful anyway.

    No losses, nor ganker kills, to report from me.


  2. Bhagpuss

    I don’t play EVE but as an outside observer I’d say that Hulkageddon got a lot less publicity outside the game this year. I read a ton about it last time but this time I’ve only seen two or three mentions.


  3. Noizy

    I wonder how much of the decline is due to Helicity requiring all participants to hand over their full API keys to participate? Not only are the kills API verified for the first time, but how many people didn’t participate because of the new requirement? Giving my limited API is one thing. But the full API key?


  4. Sören

    To the Noctis: I did use mine all the week without problems. They have to probe you out before getting a Noctis-kill. Nevertheless I did put in all tank modules possible and got all 4 resistances on all 3 layers to ~60%.

    When I searched the killboard for a Noctis-kill I found no more than half a dozen and most of them in low/null sec. The only one in high sec was a totally untanked one that got smart bombed by two Armageddons in Jita.


  5. WTM

    Well, our empire industry characters were all parked up for the duration of the event.

    As I saw it, it just wasn’t worth the risk, especially as I could still play with my null sec characters quite happily.


  6. wonder

    Didn’t even notice the event coming or going as we were entering our third solid week of war. The fighting continues, by the way.


  7. MK

    For GrieferGeddon,
    90 people killing stuff and 140 kills that were NOT with concord.
    It made some gankers put warp stabs on their ships so they don’t get fried at a gate or even use Orca to bring ships into high sec.
    Then our winner smart bombed a group of dessies on their way out of the orca before they can be used.


  8. Hull

    Was happily motoring around wormhole space. On my rare voyage into k-space (highsec is scary!!) I didn’t notice anything out of the usual?


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