Not Much Rift For Sale at My Best Buy

I saw this tweet from Trion Worlds.

So I decided to see if anybody was in line or what the situation looked like.

I went over to the Best Buy near my office, however they did not seem to be quite Rift-central.

Now, granted, the Best Buy that is walking distance from my office is undergoing some remodeling, so video games have been shoved into the back corner of the second floor… and PC video games in the farthest corner of all.  Still, I expected to find more than this.

Rift Collector's Edition

That is all I saw, three copies of the Rift Collector’s Edition.  No standard copies were to be seen anywhere.  These were crammed into the last rack in the darkest corner of the video game section. (Picture taken with cheap phone.)

I am thinking that Rift was, perhaps, not a priority for Best Buy.  They seem to think highly of Blizzard, who had an uncrowded rack nearly to themselves… in an area where light actually shown onto it.

A little DCUO on the bottom shelf

And Best Buy had shipper displays of yesterday’s movie releases like 127 Hours right up by the front door.

But somebody didn’t get the memo about Rift it seems.

I bet Fry’s had it on the shelf and visible yesterday.  I should have gone to Fry’s.

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