A Werewolf at Tower 2

I logged in last night and found that the big bad wolf was at the door of Tower 2.  The big bad werewolf that is.


I’m telling you, West Karana is a dangerous place.  At least at level 7.  That werewolf is level 25.

It is a good things that the guards at Tower 2 are pretty tough.  They are level 30, so were able to dispatch the werewolf, though they seemed to be struggling with Froon the other night.

3 thoughts on “A Werewolf at Tower 2

  1. Tipa

    There wolf!

    Yes, West Karana can be a dangerous place. Why, you should see the spam I get!


    Love reading your adventures! They bring back so many memories.


  2. Troy

    My necromancer is progressing slowly. Now he is 3rd level — seems to take so much more work than my Shaman, but love not having to buff myself every 20 minutes (that is such a drag).


  3. Snick

    Well they certainly upgraded the Werewolf model! The old one was borderline hilarious. Especially with the sit/med bug when cast on another player via Boon of the Garou or the group variation of the spell: http://img.ly/38df
    Ay yi yi…


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