Iwata Speaks and Netflix Comes to the Very Small Screen…

Nintendo was tweeting up a storm yesterday because Satoru Iwata was giving the keynote speech up at GDC.

You can see here, which you’ll no doubt want to do if you are a big Nintendo fan.

And even if you aren’t, his address is interesting for the gaming history he brings up as he talks about things like social networks and gaming. I recommend it.

There was, of course, some mention of Nintendo’s newest hardware, the Nintendo 3Ds.

But of all the bits of information I saw, this one probably surprised me the most:

My initial reaction was to dismiss this, but as I thought about it I had to admit that the concept is interesting.

I want to see what a streamed film would look like on the new 3DS screen, which is much larger than the screens Nintendo uses for their current DS/DS Lite/DSi line of hand helds, and which support 3D, which is where so many of the movie studios are going these days.

We’ll see how it looks this summer.

2 thoughts on “Iwata Speaks and Netflix Comes to the Very Small Screen…

  1. sleepysam

    Netflix on the phone is “gold, Jerry, gold” if you have small kids waiting for the food to get here.


  2. SynCaine

    If the 3D is even half-decent, this will be a bigger ‘killer app’ than Mario/Zelda. It will be even bigger than when the PS2 was a killer DVD player at a super-low price (plus that whole gaming thing).

    Certainly something very interesting.

    Sidenote: Netflix stock has been blowing up for a while now, and when you look at the potential for stuff like this, it’s not all that surprising.


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