Who Sells My Spells by the Seashore?

Nobody does.

At least not the spells I needed, which is why I had to run to Highpass Hold, which is up in the mountains, far from Qeynos and the seashore.

It is like the vacation quandary, mountains or seashore.

Up to this point, all of the spells for Thrall, my enchanter, have been available from one of the guild vendors in South Qeynos.  But my level 7 pet upgrade was nowhere to be seen.  I had to go check Allakhazam.

The spell system is one of those things in EverQuest that I am sure we would never put up with in a more current game.

Unlike the original game, 12 years back, where you got some spells every five levels if you were a caster, they are now more spread out and you get something every level.  In some ways this is better.  They’ve added spells to the game and they would come in huge lumps if you have to wait every five levels.  On the other hand, it does mean a lot of gating back to the guild and trying to find your spells.

To get your new spells you have to run back to your guild, buy the spell, and copy it into your spell book.

This isn’t so hard if your class only has a few spells, but for the true robe and pointy hat brigade, which has many spells, just finding the spell can be an issue.  The spells are sold by vendors in your guild, but each vendor can only sell so many spells.  So for an enchanter, there are a number of vendors in and around the guild.

In the Magic Guild

In that picture are three of the vendors an enchanter might need to visit in Qeynos.  There are three more in the building next door and a couple more that I can only describe as “hidden,” since they are standing in little niches around the side and back of the building, as well.  And these are mixed in with vendors for magicians and wizards.  This adds up to quite a few vendors.

The spells do tend to be grouped by level, so one vendor sells a certain level range of spells, but nothing about a given vendor tells you which levels.  But at least once you figure out which one is about the right level, you have a starting place.  And the spells themselves are list alphabetically in the vendor’s inventory, so you actually have to right click and hold on each spell to bring up the information about the spell, which includes the level at which a given class can use it.

Then certain special spells are only sold by a limited number of vendors, so the spell you need might not be anywhere close to the guild in your starting town.

And, naturally, there is nothing in the game that tells you what spells you get at a given level, no nice little pop up at ding or empty but labeled slot in your spell book.

It is no wonder that Allakhazam’s became so popular.  I have no idea how mere mortals were supposed to figure all of this out on their own.

I certainly became, and remain, a fan of that site when it comes to EverQuest information.

And because of the site I knew that at level 7 Thrall was due to get a new pet spell.  There is a whole series of these spells, each of which summons a pet of a certain level and only that level.  None of this Wow-esque summoning of magical pets that are always the same level as you.

According to Allakhazam, my level 7 pet spell was up in the High Keep in Highpass Hold.

I’ve been there before, but it has been a while.  Way, way back in the day, I decided I wanted to make armor, but starting on the Qeynos side of the world meant you had to get your initial ingredients from Highpass Hold, which is… a few zones over.  The mountains, remember?  Now I would be making that trip again.

I had a bit of time yesterday morning, so I decided to give it a shot.  The first zone on the list was West Karana.

I’ve spoken about West Karana being dangerous, but I am used to it and know the safe, quick way to pass through it; follow the river.  It was daylight in the zone and I got to pass one of the zone landmarks, the combine ruins.

Great place to hunt undead

I ran along the river until I hit the invisible zone line and zoned into North Karana, where it was night time.

Spires in the dark

One of the odd things about EverQuest is that the zones don’t all seem to be in sync when it comes to the day/night cycle.  There I was running across a well lit landscape and then I zoned into the adjoining landscape to find it dark.

For North Karana I seemed to recall that following the river around to the bridge to East Karana was a bad idea.  The road through the zone that runs from the South Karana to East Karana bridge was the safest route, so I followed that.

I also noted that the mobs in the zone were my level or just a bit higher, except for the griffons which were red, and made a note to suggest that Potshot and I move our next hunting expedition to NK.

I made it safely across North Karana and zoned into East Karana, where I was greeted pretty much with what I remember about the zone.  Corpses.

They didn't escape

In my first run to Highpass Hold, I got to East Karana and turned around.  The zone at the time was covered in a layer of fog and dangerous creatures would loom out of it.  The first time I did make it past, I had spirit of the wolf on me and ended up leading several creatures all the way to Highpass.

Now, however, the fog is gone and there seemed to be a dearth of dangerous, or at least aggro, creatures.

Seems pretty clear in East Karana now

I just headed out across the zone and made it to the long, long run up the canyon path.

Here I felt I was home free.  The run is long, but as long as you don’t fall off the edge, things are usually okay.

I did have one heart stopping moment when I rounded a corner and was face to face with a Dark Stalker, which is basically a big black wolf.  He con’d red and aggro, but didn’t seem to think I was worth the effort, so on I ran.

Eventually I hit the top of the pass and zoned into Highpass Hold.

Almost to the end of my journey!

Just beyond the gate/tunnel pictured above there are some gnolls.

I remembered the gnolls, but I could not recall if there was anything special I had to do to get past them.  In my memory, I could only recall just running past them.  But then, they used to be camped all the time too.  What to do?

I decided to just try and run past and head for the keep.  If I could remember where the keep was.

The gnolls had different ideas.  They were red to me and stunned me with every other hit.  I knew I was done for.

Back to North Qeynos

And being dead meant going back to my bind point which was all the way back where I started, back in North Qeynos.  Well, the spell for my level 7 pet would have to wait until I had the time for another attempt.  At least the experience loss is small and all my equipment wasn’t still sitting on my corpse.  Getting that back would have been a challenge.

Then I got a tell from somebody asking me if the gnolls had seen through my invisibility.

Invisibility? Crap, I had that spell!  Why didn’t I think to use it?  And now here is somebody come to mock my stupidity.

But no, it turned out that this was a fellow enchanter, also level 7, who had been up there for the same spell I had been.  His name was Obmoz and he offered to pick up the spell for me.  He actually grabbed that and my next two pet spells, which ran about four and a half platinum.

When he gated back to Qeynos, I basically gave him all of my money, which was about 9 platinum.  One can always grind for a bit more coin, but I wasn’t sure when I was going to find the time to make that run again, so I was grateful.

So now Thrall has his new pet, which actually cons yellow to him, so it is a level or two ahead, and the spells for his next two pets as well.

Plus I think I know where we are going to go hunting next.

10 thoughts on “Who Sells My Spells by the Seashore?

  1. Khoram

    ha! I got to the part where you died to the gnolls and my first thought was, “was he not using Invisibility?” One of the things I loved about invising was that your pet would suicide – you’d cast the spell, see your name in parens, then hear this enormous WHACK! sound, followed by your pet’s death throes… hilarious, if a little sick… :)

    That zone line from EK into High Pass looks totally different than I remember – was that updated at some point?

    Also, Allakhazam eventually became one of the goto sites for EQ, but it took awhile. In the really early days, EQ Casters (I think since renamed Castersrealm or something) was the go-to site, especially for casters, and especially enchanters. If I recall correctly the site author played an enchanter and had some kind of inside link to the Verant dude who programmed all the spells and spell lists, or something.


  2. Khoram

    Oh and I keep meaning to add, I am really enjoying reading about your new travels in EQ. Pre-Luclin EQ really left an impression on me, I have so many good game and friend memories from it. I can still remember just about everything about the original 3 continent’s zones – they really felt like a big, huge, dangerous world, that rewarded patience and awareness and taking the time to learn the zone.


  3. Wilhelm2451 Post author

    That is actually inside the zone line to High Pass. The East Karana side looks like it always has. I think we’re lucky that SOE has avoided updating anything west of the pass.

    High Pass itself got an update at some point I recall, probably because it connects to the Crescent Reach area that came in with The Serpent’s Spine.

    As for Zam, there were other sites, but I seemed to have found Zam first and always stuck with it along with EQ Atlas. (And was there EQ Traders?) EQ Casters is in my bookmarks still (how many computers have I migrated that list through?), so I obviously went there to, but doesn’t leap to mind when I think of EQ.


  4. Shadow

    EQtraders.com is still up and running, and I have used it a good deal to find out where molds and other such things are for my blacksmithing.


  5. Jason

    I actually liked the way spells were done. For one, I don’t like having everything in game laid out for me, having to search for spells and talk to other players was fun for me (none of this spoiler site crap, never used them). For another, you could actually buy your spells beforehand and carry them with you, meaning that when you leveled you could learn your spells right then and not have to wait until you went back to town.

    Many a time in game you’d see a player shout Ding! and then tell the group “Scribing!” As a monk this meant I had to change my pull styles/sizes to compensate for the caster who had his nose buried in his book for the next few minutes. When it was the healer is when it got exciting!


  6. Snick

    I so remember making the same journey for that spell when I was 8 or 9 back in the day. The only difference was I rolled a DE chanter, requiring a trek through Kithicor. My first attempt was with my Bard GF at the time and it happened to be at night in Kith and of course we were slaughtered by a wandering undead mob, but only after we had gone down the path a good ways. Getting the corpse back was the trick; I think we even died a couple times at zone just waiting for someone to drag our corpses. Fun times.

    That reminds me, I saw Stargrace’s posts about how excited she was to get Breeze when she recently hit 14 with her Enchanter. As I recall, in the original release schedule Breeze came out with Kunark, (Clarity wasn’t until 29!), and was only available in Firiona Vie or the outpost in The Overthere. I thought I was being all kinds of role-playing crafty by picking a DE Enchanter that didn’t worship Innoruuk like a good DE should. No, I picked Solusek Ro – God of Fire! Admittedly it would have been a better pick for a Mage or Wiz RP wise, but whatever, it was still fun to RP.

    Anyway, this really screwed up my faction and cons in strange ways. For one, most every NPC in the Third Gate wouldn’t talk to me, returning only derisive remarks, as I wasn’t a full bore Innoruuk worshipper. Also somehow it screwed up my faction from the get go in the OT outpost where normally evil races were safe. This made me KOS by some of the guards (not all of them). Effectively leaving Breeze completely unavailable to me (FV was KOS as well.) In the end one day in Lavastorm a well-meaning Druid ported to FV and picked the spell up for me, just for a ‘hit of the crack.’ Didn’t even have to pay for the spell!


  7. Toldain

    I’m running out of Freeport for now, having made the trip from Felwithe. What can I say, I like Freeport.

    Anyway, I’ve made the run up to Highpass/Highkeep a couple of times for the pet spells. And at least once I’ve run all the way to Qeynos, to try camping for the Glowing Black Stone. That was failure.

    So was my attempt to bring back some pet spells and sell them to other enchanters who didn’t want to take the time/risk to run up to Highpass themselves. I tried selling them in /auction for 3 or 4 days and got zero takers. Maybe I was behind the curve or something.

    However, it seems as though either that run is a lot easier now, or else I’ve become a much better player.


  8. Bhagpuss

    Great read!

    I absolutely LOVE how spells were done in the original Everquest. To me, when playing a caster, discovering what my spells are, working out how and where to get them and learning to use them IS the gameplay.

    I could go on here for far longer than your poat about the joys and complexities of the EQ spell system. How you’ll believe some spells must be researched and made, either by you or an other player, yet how some of those same spells are also available on specific vendors in far-flung corners of the world,. How some spells, key ones too, turn out to be available only on vendors for a different class entirely. Then there are the dropped spells that you’ll hunt specific kinds of creatures for or even have to delve deep in dungeons with a group to support you to find the one named creature on Norrath who holds the secret of that ability. And so on.

    One of the reasons I finally left DAOC (there were many) was the way it just put your spells in your book when you levelled. Coming from EQ I felt completely cheated by that. I loathed it. If I could have deleted them and gone to get them myself, I would have.

    My necro finally made the trip from Freeport to Qeynos the other night and he’s currently in Blackburrow, closing in on level 8. The Gnollteeth hand in makes a great difference to levelling speed and makes everyone in Qeynos love him, or at least not want to kill him so much. Where he’s going to get his spells when he dings I’m not so sure – I never could find the necro guild down in the sewers with any reliability.


  9. Bhagpuss

    Oh and on websites, EQTraders is not just still up and running, but the husband of the couple that run it is now the main crafting dev for EQ and has been for some years. Does a great job, too. And his wife runs the EQ2 version of the site, EQ2Traders, which is a key EQ2 site. I use both of them frequently.

    And I used to use Caster’s Realm all the time back in 1999 – 2001 for spell info. I could have sworn it was called Caster’s Realm back then, don’t remember it ever being called EQCasters. Must have changed it’s name pretty early on, or els my memory’s shot, which is entirely possible.


  10. Troy Christensen

    A fearful thought struck me this morning while I was medding up from a big fight. Aside from the great nostalgic feeling I have been having, I also realized just how much of a time sink the game was as well.

    Luckily many aspects of the “real” game are gone such as the corpse run, and they added a few things such as spells every level rather than every four.

    Looking over my next two levels of spells, there are only one that looks interesting but the others are more utilitarian or somewhat filler.

    This is when I realized how much time I will need to sink into medding then fighting; wash and repeat. Add to this that I only have at most 2 hours a day, instead of the 5 hours a day I had in 2000 —

    Why did I leave the game the first, second, and third time? Exactly that, time.


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