Pokemon Black and White Launch Today

Yes, if you live in Europe you have been able to buy the games since Friday, and if you were near New York City yesterday, you could have gotten a copy a day early at the Nintendo World Store.  I’m sure that launch event wasn’t at all crowded.

Pokemon Black and White

(Those are the European boxes with the PEGI rating on them. In the US the ESRB rating is E for Everyone.)

But for the rest of us here in the states, today is the day.  Pokemon Black and White are finally available.

This new version of the game, the second generation of the wildly popular Pokemon RPGs on the Nintendo DS platform and the fifth generation overall (generations calculated officially by the Pokemon available, if it were done by jumps in game features and technology we would be at least seven generations into the series) introduces a whole selection of online and connectivity options.

All listed under the banner of the Pokemon Global Link.

These include the the Pokemon Dream World, which appears to be a web based attachment that lets you play additional games, find items you can bring back to the base game, and create and decorate your own house.  The description is fairly vague in my opinion.  It might be fun, or it might be something you do just because there are some key items you need for the game.

There is also a way to track the progress your friends are making in the game and to send them email.

Downloadable content figures in somehow, which includes skins for your in-game Pokedex.

And then, probably most important to the hard core fans of the game, there is a world-wide online battle match-up and ranking system, so you can find a trainer battle whenever you want.  This appears to cover most of the online functionality of Pokemon Battle Revolution, the Wii add on game for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

And as much as I want to dig in and start playing, I have to wait a bit.  My birthday is coming up shortly and I cannot run out and buy one of the things I really want right before that.  I have to leave my family something.

Plus I will get to avoid that very controversial moment at the store.

So there will be some delay.

3 thoughts on “Pokemon Black and White Launch Today

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Cassie – I picked up the series with Pokemon Diamond and Pearl via my daughter and have become quite a fan since then. I’ve played all the DS versions and have been through a couple of the older GameBoy Advance Pokemon games.


  2. Andarien

    I’m loving the new version. They’re doing a whole lot more with the system in and around Castelia City which isn’t too far from the start of the game.

    Also, dowsing rods that actually point the way to hidden items instead of the hot/cold dialogs of previous generations.

    I tried sync’ing up a save with the Dreamworld but it said the servers were down, which is to be expected. So far b/w beats ss/hg hands down in my opinion.

    And oh my god, double battles in “taller” grass. And special encounters in shaking grass/dirt. The dirt being found in caves which can contain evolution stones and jewels to power up moves instead of just an encounter. So many goodies.


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