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Wanderung Nach Osten

Potshot and I have been pushing on in EverQuest on the Fippy Darkpaw progression server.

But as you level up you find yourself seeking new places to hunt as you soon find your hunting ground, once so full of juicy targets, suddenly overrun with blue mobs that just don’t give the same experience kick.

Not that there is not a wide range of mobs in West Karana, but you have to find the ones appropriate for your group.

We did have some success against bandits, as long as we could keep them in small groups.

Bandit fight in West Karana

There is a spawn point for a pair of bandits that served us well, though the spawn rate is somewhat slow.  That slowness lead us to try to pick off other nearby bandits who end up bringing along all their friends.  Pairs we could handle, even three bandits were manageable, but four or five yellow/red mobs quickly got out of hand.  We had to make a run for the border a few times.

We went looking for a better place to camp, which meant wandering eastward in the zone, as the title of the post is meant to indicate.

I remembered having good results back in the day with Paladin over by the Combine ruins.

A so-so place to hunt undead

My memory seemed to be flawed in that regard.

Not that there were not undead to be slain.  But they seemed to be lower level that I recalled.  We cleaned them out a couple of times and then, in the usual EQ way of things, a red ghoul spawned in the middle of all the blues.  Reds make us shy away.

For those of you who have not played EverQuest, or who haven’t played it in ages, let me summarize how the /consider system works.

When you highlight a mob, a target ring appears about it on the ground.  The ring has a color.  The rings gain some variety in color as I recall when you get into the higher levels, but at low levels, you appear to get these:

  • Gray -Too far below you to give any experience
  • Blue – 1 to 4 or 5 levels below you
  • White – Your level
  • Yellow – 1 to 2 levels higher than you
  • Red – 3 to 50 levels higher than you, your mileage may vary

I seem to recall green being in there, but maybe that is at higher levels.  Anyway, this is what I have observed so far.

There is no nice little number on the mob telling you what level they are, nor are their names color coded to let you know who is aggro and who is passive.  You get a color and, if you /consider (which is mapped to the C key by default) you get a statement about their view of you,  like ‘indifferent’ or ‘ready to attack’.

All of this makes for interesting times.  Gray mobs you don’t bother with.  Blue ones you take when you have no other options.  White and yellow mobs are your meat and potatoes for a camped group.  And then there are the red mobs.

A red mob that is just 3 levels ahead of you is a choice target and your group will probably have no issue with it.  One that is 5 or 7 or 10 levels above you is more likely to kill you or send you running for the zone line.

And so, when we decided to just head on over the zone line to North Karana while most of the group was level 7, the problem of “how red is that red?” became one of immediate interest.

That first look into North Karana

West Karana, while it had plenty of higher level mobs for us, was also full of much lower level mobs.

In North Karana though, the lowest level mob we saw at first was our level, and most everything seemed to con yellow or red.  It looked like a happy hunting ground as long as we stayed near the zone border.  And so we set up shop in the lower left hand corner of the zone.

North Karana

(Map from the EQ Atlas archives)

We got off to a rough start.  We did not seem to have our act together and were oddly reluctant to flee when things were obviously not going our way.  Despite being 10 steps from the zone line we had a few deaths before we settled in.

Our first experiments with red con mobs went badly and until we learned the hierarchy of giant beetles out there (scyther > borer > pincer) we tended to shy away from anything red.  But yellow mobs were in abundance if we went looking far enough.

A beetle in our range

(That shot makes me want to do a series like the 36 Views of Mt. Fuji, only with the wizard spires.)

Once we got settled in and a feel for what we should be looking for, we moved our little camp to one of the small hills in the zone, just off to the East of the Wizard spires.  That put us closer to the flow of “traffic” in the zone and gave us decent all around vision to keep an eye out for the wandering mobs that might do us in, such as the various griffons, griffenes, griffawns, and that hill giant that wanders the zone from time to time.

Level on the hill

Then it was a matter of pulling and slaying.  We ended up with a decent rhythm in the zone.  We got used to pulling the next target straight over the enchanter to get his pet engaged, which helped a lot since the pet was a level or two ahead of us a lot of the time and was probably doing more damage than any individual in our group.

Targets were plentiful and lucrative and we only had to run for the zone line a few times when we were working out which red mobs we might have a chance against. (Borer beetles only at this point.)

And with our success, we found ourselves up to level 10 as a group.

I was interested to see that you now get your skills, and a notification about them, when you level up out in the field.  I do not recall that being how it was back in 99, but my memory about many things is flawed.

Among the things level 10 got us was spirit of the wolf for our druid, so it will be easier for Tarlach to run out and pull.

North Karana is still our hunting ground for now, though a lot of our initial targets have now gone blue to us, so we have to seek out other prey.

Atop the bridge tower

We still have a ways to go before we are able to take on the griffons that fly about the zone.  They are the most prominent mobs in the zone, but used to be quite worth the effort to hunt back in the day.  We also have South and East Karana close to had as well.

And, in another level, we will have bind affinity in the group.  We can then take our show on the road and bind ourselves in other locations so we won’t have to worry about having to run all the way from Qeynos should we die in Faydwer.

Our horizons expand.