Black and White Birthday

My wife actually went out on Sunday and got me an early birthday present, a copy of Pokemon White for me… plus a copy of Pokemon Black for my daughter.

So I was able to play Pokemon on launch day.

But when I got home from work last night, I have the Black and White birthday surprise.

Black and White all over

In addition to my early present, there was the Pokemon Black and White guide book (special hard bound collector’s edition), special collector’s edition, some special Pokemon Black and White items they were giving away if you bought the game on launch day, a black and a white Wii Remote (with the built-in Wii motion sensor update), a box of See’s candy in black and white wrapping, some licorice buttons, German chocolate cake, Pocky, and some batteries just in case. (Energizers, which are black and silver.)

Which is a lot of black and white stuff.

Of course, that attracted a big ball of black and white fuzz.

Fred investigates

Fred, the biggest of our three black and white cats (we have a theme going here) had to get in on the act.


I didn’t let him start knocking things off the counter.  He has a habit of doing that.

Anyway, quite the birthday surprise.  Maybe better than a motorcycle.

4 thoughts on “Black and White Birthday

  1. Gallaria

    Woot! How great. Your wife is one special lady. And, of course, she’s married to one special guy!

    Surprised that Trixie wasn’t the first to visit the B-Day haul.


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