First Pokemon Black and White Download Event – Victini

Pokemon Black and White has only been out for a few days and there is already a download even for the game.

Actually, the download event was announced BEFORE Black and White came out and information about the event is in the box with the game.

From March 6th through April 10th you will be able to download a special item via Nintendo WiFi that will unlock an encounter with the Pokemon Victini.

Get Victini!

This is the only way to unlock the encounter to let you capture this new Pokemon.

Given how far in advance Nintendo started announcing this download event (the picture above is from an email I received on February 3rd), this was obviously part of the campaign to get people to buy Pokemon Black and White as close to launch day as possible.

But Pokemon is not an MMORPG but a console game, and the success or failure of a console game is often determined by those first day, first week, first month sales.  There is no ongoing subscription revenue stream.  They have to sell boxes.  And in something of a self-fulfilling prophecy, the more you sell early on, the more you tend to sell over all.  So day one sales matter to them.  A lot.

GameFreak, which is the developer who actually makes the Pokemon games, has been on a pace to release a new… or revamped… Pokemon game every year in a very predictable pattern.  (Next spring there should be a roll-up version of Pokemon Black and White.  What will they call it? Pokemon Gray?)

Anyway, last year’s game no longer matters.  While both Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver each made the top 10 list of console games sold last year (combined they were in 3rd place by one report I read) that is all last year’s news.  Now they have to sell the new game.

And so we have this promotion.  Buy the game NOW or you won’t have access to one of the new Pokemon!  The console market drives the developer’s behavior which, in turn leads them to try to incent us to behave in the way that is optimum for them.

Fortunately for them… and for me I suppose… I am on board with their plan.

As for the actual download, remember that this is NOT an in-store event.

To download the Liberty Pass which will open up the Victini encounter you must access Nintendo Wifi via a wireless connection to the internet.  How to connect to Nintendo Wifi is covered in the game instruction booklet.

Full details on the event are available at the Pokemon Black and White web site.

Remember, you have only until April 10th to get this download.

(And does Victini sound like a special cocktail from Trader Vic’s to anybody else?)

19 thoughts on “First Pokemon Black and White Download Event – Victini

  1. Andarien

    I can’t help but hear the Jawa yell, “Ootini!” every time I think of this pokemon. But now that you mention it, I can see it being a play on martini.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Anna – Heaven can’t help you here.

    At a high level, the “how to” is very simple. You need to do these three things in this order:

    1 – You need access to a wireless connection to the internet. You may have WiFi at home or you may need to go to Starbucks and use theirs, that is all up to you.

    2 – You need to configure your DS to recognize and access that wireless connection. How to do that is all covered in the Pokemon Black and White manual.

    3 – You then need to follow the instructions linked in the post on how to download the Liberty Pass.


  3. Tyler Graham

    HEY IT TOOK ME A WHILE BUT I FINALLY GOT FLIPPN’ VICTINI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Congrats on that! It is Zoroark I am worried about catching though. Victini sticks around so you can take multiple passes at him if you need. Zoroark is a one-shot deal, you fail and he is gone.


  5. Pokemon Cheese Yellow

    Unfortunately this pokemon is (sorry folks) impossible to actually catch without a masterball. asleep or paralyzed (tried both) with stats reduced (moves like metal sound) and at 1 hp (false swipe) facing a L100 with stats boosted (swords dance/agility etc.) several times I threw ultra balls at him (50-60+) until he had to use struggle.. and killed himself.
    Nice going Nintendo.


  6. Jill

    What is the 7th comment talking about? Zoroark or Victini? Both can be caught without a Masterball. I caught my Victini with premier ball (one shot) and I’ve seen people that have caught Zoroark not using Masterball. I’m going to get Zoroark in a few days. I have the legendary shiny trio.


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @PCY – I held off a bit on trying to catch Victini, but once I got in there I knocked him down to a few hit points (he uses endure frequently, which is a help), used yawn to put him to sleep, and hit him with ultra balls until I caught him. It only took five and he was mine.

    So Victini is totally catchable without a master ball.

    Also, it looks like you can still download the Liberty pass to get to Victini, as of this morning at least.


  8. emogoggles

    I caught Victini without a Master Ball, I used a Nest Ball (the chances of a Nest Ball working were better than an Ultra Ball, there’s this formula in the coding I know of) when it had 1 HP, no status problems.


  9. shadowlugia279

    i caught both victini and zoroark in poke balls,(yes the crappy red ones) and succeeded in the first ten tries on each so you all must have really bad luck….. XD


  10. jacob

    the best way 2 catch it is get a high lvl pokemon,use false swipe and throw 2 luxury balls.Thats how i got it


  11. zoroark 2000

    I just caught victini at level.15 how?
    I used false swipe then I used a nest ball on the 4 ball I caught but if you do not have the liberty pass you cant get her


  12. joji

    Wood_R4_v1.30 this is the one i got for my FAT ds …yes the old one but i can’t seem to transfer any of my game and it shows in between I/O device error thats all it doesn’t even complete the transfering process in all kinds of games i download even the ones i had which i downloaded like 2 years ago


  13. Anonymous

    save the game and just try quick balls its easy or you could just us timer balls just do that that what i did with all legendary Pokemon


  14. stefan

    lol i caught it in the first turn whit a pokeball HAHAHAHAHAHHA no hacks no cheats just very very very very much LUCK


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