Answer This Question…

Sent in from a reader… at least I think he is a reader.

Subject: king sun man.

strategy adventures universe culture happy?

I think he might be an Iain M. Banks fan, but I could be reading too much into the word “culture.”  Plus I haven’t really written a lot about The Culture.

Anyway, I am currently leaning towards “yes” as an answer, though I have not totally discounted “no.”

Maybe he’ll read this and clarify his position.

4 thoughts on “Answer This Question…

  1. Snick

    probably crafted by a spam bot to see what emails are getting through spam filters.

    Although very interesting phrasing. I’ve had a few weird emails get through like that, too – although a little more ominous sounding (from 1999):

    Subject: QUIT
    Body: STOP

    umm, okay…


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Snick – Normally I would dismiss this as average, and not even very interesting, spam. But this came in via Facebook to my account there from a person with a picture. It is either a new avenue for spam (which seems likely enough) or a genuine attempt at communication.

    I’ve left the body of the message aside and am working on the subject now. Is he the “King Sun Man,” or does he feel that I am? Or is it a typo, like that Star Trek episode (Bread & Circuses), and is really a Jesus reference (King Son Man)? And if that is the case, what does that do to the meaning in the body of the message?


  3. PeterD

    He’s clearly an escapee from the recently shut down digital hells and still somewhat confused :P

    (sticking with the Culture reference . . .)


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