KartRider Comes to the US at Last… on Your iPhone

A little over three years ago the Nexon game KartRider was in open beta here in the United States.  My daughter and I tried it out and found it reasonably light and enjoyable.

Big Ad on the back of GFW Magazine

It wasn’t quite Mario Kart, but it was a decent game and seemed to have quite a following in Asia with a reported 230 million people having tried the game world wide. (Or is that just 230 million accounts created?)

However, within a few months, the beta closed down and nothing more was heard about a US version of the game.

Open Beta has Ended, See You Some Day...

Apparently it was not a big hit in the US.  It disappeared from the Nexon America site.  That was nearly three years back.

Now, however, Kotaku reports that the game will be coming to the US market after all.  But not on your computer.

Instead it will be available on your iPhone, iPad, iTouch, or Android device.

You will be able to play against three other people in local match ups, and it will hook up to Facebook and the Nexon item shop, where you will be able to buy new tracks and all the car upgrades and customizations.

The odd thing is that online play will not be available.  At least it is not mentioned at all currently.  I can see how you might sell things in the MMO version of the game, but on the mobile device version, where you can only play against three other people locally, or against the CPU, the item shop seems… less compelling.

Still, it is supposed to be a free download from the App Store, with the Apple device version available soon followed by Android support this summer.

5 thoughts on “KartRider Comes to the US at Last… on Your iPhone

  1. Beau Hindman

    OH that would be awesome! I always missed this one, and on the iPad or phone would be even better! Too bad it won’t have online, but still it would be fun for sitting around with some friends playing.



  2. mbp

    I though the App stores were very fussy about apps that linked to independent shops like DLC content shops.

    If Kart rider re-directs players to Kokatu’s own item shop it will surely run fall of app store rules.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @mbp – Hrmm, I don’t know how they are going to work that out. Perhaps the extra content will be sold through the app store as well. Apple recently updated a scad of rules, but they really get annoyed by anything that looks like it might bypass giving them a cut of the sales.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Xyd – It is what they ought to call the damn thing, since it otherwise breaks the pattern of easily named products.

    I don’t want to go back to the days of names like:

    PowerPort(tm) Platinum for Apple(tm) Macintosh(tm) PowerBook(tm) 500 Series.


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