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To Get Rich in Norrath is Glorious

Okay, maybe we didn’t get rich, but my characters have quite a bit more money.

Thanks to some of the advice on the last post on the topic of money, we were able to redirect our efforts and end up with enough cash to catch us up on spells and the like.

Blackburrow is a bit much to two-box solo, at least where stuff is still up at your own level.  I ran in to try that and ended up leading a train to zone in under three minutes.  It was a record I think.

Since I couldn’t find Potshot on initially, I headed out to West Karana to look into bandits.

While there are a couple of spots where only two bandits spawn, they were already camped.  So I took a chance and started hitting the bandits at the farm near tower 2.

The aptly named Bandit Farm

I found that with a little luck with spawn timing, I could hold down the farm with just my bard, my enchanter, and his pet.  Not only was the experience good, but the drops and the coins looted did start adding up pretty quick.  The bronze weapons they sometimes drop are worth anywhere from 1 to 4 plat.  Serious money for somebody with only a plat to play with.

However, a bad spawn… like finding out that there were two casting bandits around the back of the barn… lead to some less successful encounters.

Bandits to Qeynos Hills!

Later on I even found out that, yes, you can still lose a level in EverQuest if you die.  Again, a bad spawn at the bandit farm did the trick.

But that came a bit later.  First Potshot got on and we decided to hit Blackburrow as a team.

Now I had been into Blackburrow a few times with my second guy on follow and seemed to never have a problem with him getting peeled off or falling into anything.  So naturally, the moment we both start into the zone with our second box in tow, both of them managed to fall into a hole within a minute.

This got us separated and we ended up spending the next 15 minutes just finding each other via vague directions and the little green Xs on the map.

Eventually though, the game could not hold us back.  We found a nice little spot and started the gnoll slaughter.

Deep in Blackburrow

Things got a little hectic at first, thanks to the joy of fleeing gnolls running off to bring back friends.  I am sure at one point we had over a dozen gnolls in play.  But most of them were far enough below our level that we managed to keep a lid on things.  Eventually, after that epic battle, we settled down into a sustainable routine.

Gnolls in smaller numbers

Gnolls were not as good experience-wise as bandits, but they all seemed to have pockets full of stuff.  We slew them until we were all heavily encumbered.  We then waddled out of Blackburrow meeting up at the entrance.

Out of Blackburrow

Then it was time for the second part of the money making plan, selling our booty to the right vendor.

For me, that basically meant stop selling to this guy.

Buy cheap, sell dear!

Yes, that is Tubal Weaver, the NPC vendor who stands just inside the gates of Qeynos.  He is the convenience store of NPC vendors; handy and well located, but you pay a price.

In my case, I found that the vendor at the guilds of either of my characters would give me roughly double the amount in coins for any given item.  I am going to have to keep a known price item with me now just to test vendors out in the field.

Anyway, after focusing on that for the weekend, I was able to accumulate enough coins to bring Thrall up to date on his spells, with a good 50 plat surplus between the two of them to cover future levels.

Now, next on my list, is equipment.  Both Tistann and Thrall are wandering Norrath rather under-equipped.  I will have heard conflicting reports on which of the newbie armor quests are in-game at this point.  Potshot has managed to finish a couple of the Paladin quests, so I will have to research the bard and enchanter quests.