Happy 12th Anniversary EverQuest!

It has been 12 years since EverQuest launched.  It went live 12 years ago this evening.

As a way of remembering this launch, I have… um… borrowed the 12 pictures that SOE used for their EverQuest 12 Year Anniversary Contest (now over and I did not win) over on the SOE Facebook Page as they provide a quick look at some of the high level facts about the game and all the expansions they released.

You can click on the individual pictures to see them full size.

There are also some amusing tidbits on the pictures (like how many wolves in game versus dogs) and, of course, the trivia questions.

I couldn’t answer most of them without looking them up.  How about you?

1 thought on “Happy 12th Anniversary EverQuest!

  1. Troy

    Here is the ironic thing; today is my 15 year anniversary working at my company! I remember playing Everquest very early on, but my first experience with it was when they sold the Kunark pack with the Velious pack. I remember naively talking to the guy at the software store asking if I could play Everquest with the two expansions — never realizing how long it would take me to get to that level.

    My first guy was Arkenbrahm the Barbarian Warrior — and the first player avatar I saw was a gnome illusionist selling magic rings at the entrance of Halas. Everything was wonderfully new and exciting — simply because I had no idea what was around the corner.

    Back then I was so scared to wander off from that initial little area because dying anywhere meant losing everything — The world seemed so huge back then.

    Never realized that my work anniversary coincided with Everquest launch (even though it was three years later)!


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