Norrathian Scavenger Hunt

It looks like the low level armor quests are in for my two characters, a bard and an enchanter, as well as for Potshot’s paladin and druid.  So for much of this week we have put off the experience grind in favor of completing these quests, each of which give you a full set of armor and a weapon when done.

Seeking out these items is a bit of a scavenger hunt.

For example, to wrap up the bard armor quest in Qeynos, the Wind Spirits Armor quest line, you end up with quite a list of  items to obtain, which seem to fall into three categories.

There is the raw element needed for all of the recipes.  For the bard it is this:

  • 20 – Brick Of Crude Iron Ore

These drop off of gnolls in and around Blackburrow, so are easy enough to find, though they are a pain to accumulate as they weigh 15 lbs. and cause you to become encumbered after picking up only one or two.

There there are the standard vendor items that you can pick up around town at any time.  Again, for the bard quest these are.

  • 1 – Arrow
  • 1 – Bottle
  • 1 – Honey Mead
  • 1 – Throwing Spear

And then there is the Scavenger Hunt.  These items all drop off of mobs.  Some of them you can find at vendors in the area, having been sold for coin by people who did not need them, while others are flagged as No Drop and thus have to be looted from the mob in question by you personally.

  • 1 – Bandit Sash
  • 1 – Bat Fur
  • 1 – Black Wolf Tooth
  • 2 – Blackburrow Gnoll Pelt
  • 1 – Brown Bear Femur
  • 1 – Coyote Skull
  • 1 – Diseased Wolf Pelt
  • 1 – Giant Fire Beetle Carapace
  • 1 – Giant Spider Egg Sack
  • 1 – Gnoll Backbone
  • 2 – Gnoll Pelvis
  • 1 – Gnoll Scoutsman Documents
  • 1 – Greater Cat Tooth
  • 1 – Lock Of Scarecrow Straw
  • 1 – Low Quality Bear Skin
  • 1 – Matted Greater Cat Pelt
  • 2 – Ruined Wolf Pelt
  • 2 – Spider Legs
  • 2 – Vial Of Gnoll Blood
  • 1 – Woven Spider Silk
  • 1 – Young Puma Skin

The No Drop items seem to be spread out so that each recipe has one, so you cannot work completely from the vendors in your area.

Via some aggressive shopping (I covered all the vendors in West Karana, North Karana, and East Karana), and only a bit of mob camping, I have been able to make two bracers, the boots, and the breast plate for Tistann.  The armor is… bright emerald green.

Bard turning slowly green

The nice thing though is that, when you make the chest item for your quest, you also get offered the quest for the weapon that goes with the set, which in my case was the Wind Spirits Longsword.

That sword might be one of the best looking I have seen so far in the game.

Tistann's new blade

The design is simple and functional, taking the form of a katana.

I am somewhat stuck on the coyote skull, the young puma skin, and the giant fire beetle carapace, none of which I have seen anywhere.  And then there is the diseased wolf pelt, which seems to drop quite regularly off of rabid wolves in Qeynos Hills, only they are a pretty rare spawn.  I count myself lucky to have gotten one so far.

The Qeynos armor quest for my enchanter, the Arcane Order Armor, has a likewise long list of items to obtain.  The magic users, magicians, enchanters, and wizards all get the same quest.  It is no wonder nobody can tell them apart on site.

Thrall looking for some clothes

For Thrall’s quests, the basic item for each recipe is:

  • 20 – Woven Spider Silks

Those are easy enough to find hunting spiders out in West Karana.

And the vendor items… well… they make more sense than perhaps some of the bard items.  An arrow and a bottle?  Really?

  • 1 – Cloth Cap
  • 1 – Cloth Sandals
  • 1 – Cloth Shirt
  • 1 – Cloth Sleeves
  • 1 – Cloth Wristband

And then, again, there is the Scavenger Hunt:

  • 1 – Bandit Sash
  • 1 – Fire Beetle Leg
  • 1 – Giant Fire Beetle Carapace
  • 1 – Giant Fire Beetle Eye
  • 1 – Giant Fire Beetle Leg
  • 2 – Giant Whiskered Bat Eyes
  • 1 – Gnoll Jawbone
  • 2 – Gnoll Pup Scalps
  • 1 – Golden Bandit Tooth
  • 2 – Large Myotis Bat Ear
  • 1 – Matted Lion Pelt
  • 1 – Medium Quality Bear Skin
  • 1 – Puma Skin
  • 1 – Rabid Wolf Hide
  • 1 – Shadow Wolf Paw
  • 2 – Snake Eggs
  • 1 – Spider Legs

There is that giant fire beetle carapace again, and a rabid wolf pelt, which I am going to guess also only drops from rabid wolves in Qeynos Hills.  And then there is the medium quality bear skin, which Potshot also needs, and which does not appear to be a drop or vendor trash, but a crafted item.

Tistann had one of those as well, the low quality bear skin, but I managed to find one of those by searching all of the tailoring vendors.  We shall see if luck strike again in that regard.  If not, Thrall may have to take up tailoring, which will mean that Tistann might have to continue on with smithing since you need skinning knives to work on hides.

So far I have not been able to complete any of the recipes for Thrall, so he has no new armor to show off.  But I suspect Potshot and I will spend some time this weekend trying to outfit our team.

12 thoughts on “Norrathian Scavenger Hunt

  1. Bhagpuss

    I always hated these quests. I was playing when they were first added to the game and I didn’t like them then. I like them even less now on the Progression server, where they are completely out of context and out of synch.

    There seems to be some controversy over whether they were added at this time by mistake or intentionally. I can’t really imagine what the rationale would have been to add them now, before we’ve even opened Kunark, given that they weren’t included at launch. Some of the items they make are competetive with current end-game raid drops, or so people have been saying.

    People have also said that some of the pieces are not completable as they drop from mobs which are not yet in the game on the Progression servers, so if you’re finding some drops especially elusive, that might be the reason.


  2. Toldain

    Yeah, I have kind of mixed feelings about the armor quests, too. I have to figure out whether to spend the time to do mine, or keep grinding levels.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    On one hand, I get what you are saying. This is, for the most part, not day 1 stuff. But you could say that about a lot of things. I haven’t, for example, accidentally clicked on a vendor and hit the “a” button, launching an attack on them and getting myself beaten down, something that was truly part of the launch day experience.

    And on the flip side, a quest that has you trying to find a bunch of really random stuff is pretty much in the EQ vein of things, even if that quest wasn’t in on day one.

    Plus, in support of my own selfish needs, I am horrible about keeping my equipment up to date, something not helped by having been spoiled in WoW with a constant stream of class/role appropriate equipment as quest rewards. So having these quests in and available will be a big help to me personally, even if my bard back in 1999 on the E’ci server never, ever wore anything that looked like the Wind Spirits armor.

    I saw somebody in a full suit of it last night, so I think I can finish off the set.

    So this is the 2011 version of the 1999 experience. Or something.


  4. Tommy Rutledge

    For the coyote skull, you’re going to have to find coyotes! Think desert, think Ro …

    For the giant beetles, you’ll find some very large varieties over in the Commonlands.

    Time for a trip to Freeport! G’luck.


  5. Beleg

    Although I also have reservations about this quest line, I completed a few of them before getting bored/frustrated at rare drops. I think it’s worth getting the low hanging fruit, but getting a complete set probably isn’t necessary. That being said, getting the sword was probably a HUGE advantage.


  6. PeterD

    It does seem odd for them to include quests on the progression server that are out of sequence. Whether you feel the quests themselves are appropriate or not, from what I’ve heard the rewards are out of sync with the general “item level” of the game at this time. In other words, the power of the items you’re getting is higher than appropriate at this point in the game’s evolution. In a way, you’re going to spoil a good portion of the game for yourself as those really cool rare drops that would have been exciting to get back in 1999 are now “meh” compared to your quest gear.

    If the stats on these items are not that high after all, then never mind.


  7. Wizardling

    Coyote skulls dropped rarely (but not exceptionally so – I’d see quite a few each play session) off coyotes in the Steamfont Mountains (also a reagent their for the Gnome wizard’s armour set), but assuming the drop rate is the same where you are, I don’t expect you’ll have a hard time.


  8. flosch

    Hmm… this quest line sounds interesting through the eyes of a complete “Everquest noob” who has been waiting to finally find out what this game is about. I rolled a bard on Fippy Darkpaw, but have been a bit disenchanted because it seems I’m somewhat behind the curve, which makes it hard to progress. Right now, I’m sitting at almost 11. What level should you be to be on this quest? It’s one of those things that for the life of me can’t figure out: how do I find quests in EQ, and how do I know I’m ready for them?

    (Oh, also, just an unrelated remark: your blog was the trigger to finally follow blogs via google reader so I won’t ever miss anything. I’m still working through your backlog, I’m around March 2008 now, working chronologically. I really like the fact you don’t fall into the binary crowd, to who everything either is god’s gift or totally sucks. Most enjoying read in a long time!)


  9. Wizardling

    Early newbie armour pieces are recommended for level 5 (likewise the level you’re likely to complete them), later ones like your robe are level 10. Visit ZAM for EQ quest info – sort by level for your race and you’ll see your newbie armour quests there.

    Some EQ quests do appear in your EQ log. Some do not. Welcome to EQ, heh. Before sites like ZAM we often had to keep a notepad next to our computer to remember anything important – what we were after, where we’d already been, who to talk to, what they’d said. Now with ZAM it’s easier, but having a notepad might still be useful. ZAM is only as good as it’s contributors.


  10. flosch

    Good point with ZAM. I’m still trying to figure out how to most efficiently use it to find what I’m looking for. When it comes to the class quests, there’s an additional twist, though: Fippy Darkpaw is a bit of a mess of 1999 EQ and later changes. So, for example, the low-level armor quests supposedly are not available (though the items required for them drop all the time!) – I assume that’s the level 5 quests. It sounds though as if the next tier of armor quests is available? I need to check that out!


  11. whorhay

    I could be mistaken but I’m pretty sure when I played that Low Medium and High Quality Bear Skins were all drops from bears. You didn’t have to be a tailor or anything to make them or anything. Even the Polar Bear Cubs outside Halas could drop a HQ Skin, albeit very rarely. Which was why I always killed them when I ran through, I think the price was pretty reliably 35 to 45 plat when I played.


  12. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @George – Indeed, you are correct, the skins did end up dropping off of bears in the end, once Potshot found the right bears.

    The fact that the only vendor that seemed to have them was a tailoring vendor seemed to confirm our original guess. Plus I read something on Zam that indicated that they were only available from tailors. (I should go back and object to that.)

    So up to that point I was wondering if we were going to have to take up trade skills in earnest… or ernesto if you prefer.


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