Nearly to Freeport

It was Saturday afternoon and it was pouring down rain.  My daughter’s soccer game had been canceled… yet again. (Three weeks into the spring soccer season and she hasn’t played a game yet!) So I had some time to play EverQuest.

Potshot was not around, so I thought I would try to find a few of the items for my armor quest scavenger hunt.

Tistann needed only three items to finish off the quests.  They were:

  • 1 – Coyote Skull
  • 1 – Giant Fire Beetle Carapace
  • 1 – Young Puma Skin

Some research indicated that while there was a very slight possibility that I might get these three items as drops west of Highpass Hold, they seemed to drop quite readily in the zones around Freeport, like The Commonlands and the Northern Desert of Ro.

So, it was time for a trip.

At first I was just going to run out there with Tistann.  His song of speed would keep him safe and dragging along a second character can be an issue if you are going into strange places.  But then I remembered that Thrall’s big level 14 spell, Breeze, is only available in The Commonlands (and somewhere on Faydwer), and who knows if the vendor would sell to Tistann.  Plus Thrall is getting close to 14.

So Thrall was coming along as well.

That also covered me in case the Giant Fire Beetle Carapace was a no drop item.

I dropped whatever I could in the bank, made sure they both had a bit of cash, and headed out.

West Karana is now, as it once was, a well traveled location for me.  I took the straightest possible path eastward, stopping to killing giant spiders and giant fire beetles, just in case I got one of the drops I needed.  That got me a couple of woven spider silks, which I did need, but no giant fire beetle carapaces.

Likewise, North Karana, after our hunting trips there, has been pretty well refreshed in my mind.  I stopped to check a few of the vendors, but found nothing I needed.

In East Karana is dangerous, but aside from the long path up to Highpass Hold, is actually pretty small, certainly relative to West and South Karana.  I checked the vendors, there being rumor of coyote skulls dropping from gorge hounds in the zone, but came up empty.  It was on to Highpass Hold.

The long run to Highhold Pass

The run went off without incident.  We did run across a gorge hound on our way, but since it con’d red to us, I thought I had best bypass.  So we made it up there without dying or falling into the gorge.

Top of the pass, zone line ahead

Remembering the unfortunate incident the last time I came to Highhold Pass, I started planning for how to deal with the gnolls.  But I found that the gnolls were being camped and were not an issue.

That just left navigating my way across the zone.  Since it had been revamped since I was last there on a regular basis, I managed the effort via the process known as “blind luck.”  I ran down every likely looking path until I hit another big group of people camping orcs at the other end of the zone.  I ran straight through them and the orcs hit the zone line.

Then I was in Kithicor Forest and memories became tenuous.

Kithicor Forest

(Map from the EQ Atlas achieve.)

I remembered there being a safe way to get across this zone at lower levels than we were.  I had done it many times back in the day when getting lost and dying in this forest was really, really bad new for a low level character.  But the memory of how stayed just out of reach.  But looking around triggered another memory.

Pondering Kithicor Forest

A path!

And, when you’re on Faydwer, that is how to find your way when you’re lost.  Paths are good things!  I’ll follow the path!

And so we ran down the path, dodging the undead inhabitants who all seemed to con red to us.

It is funny how the knowledge you need often turns up just a little too late.

Tistann turned sharp to avoid one of the wandering undead, but Thrall’s path cut right across another one, pulling aggro.  The undead was a caster, wound up and killed Thrall with a single spell.  And in that moment I remembered, “Run along the north side of the zone!”

Yes, that was it, that was how I used to get through.  I used to enter Kithicor Forest, turn left and get as high up the hill along the north side of the zone as I could, and then run all the way to the Commonlands entrance.  There was just one point with a big felled, where you had to be careful.

All of that came rushing into the forefront of my brain just a little too late for Thrall.

And now, of course, Tistann was committed.  Down the road he went, not daring to stop, trying to dodge zombie troopers and the like who all called out, when I got too close, “Join me in death, weak fleshling!”

Tistann ran and remained unscathed until he was almost to the Commonlands when he bumped another caster.  It was a race then.  He got off one spell, which knocked Tistann to just under half health.

Race to the finish line

Another shot like that would do Tistann in.  But he was just close enough to the zone line to hit it safely.  It was into the Commonlands

First view of the Commonlands

The revamped Commonlands.  It has been over four years since the two zones were revamped and merged into one, but the change still surprises me.

One thing had not changed… or had gone back to the old days.  The auction channel lit up with activity when I entered the zone.  It seems that the Commonlands tunnel is still the place for the buying and selling.

With Tistann successfully into the zone, it was time to start looking to fill my shopping list.

I started with vendors at the west end of the zone, but had no luck.  Eventually I decided to go straight to the source.  I ended up with two giant fire beetles in my first fight.  And when I had killed them both, in looting I found my giant fire beetle carapace.

One item off the list

I kept moving east.  I found another giant fire beetle and slew it, but did not get another carapace.  Then I ran into a young plains cat, a possible source for my young puma skin.  I killed it and was rewarded with both the young puma skin I needed and a puma skin, which was fortunately not a no drop item, as Thrall needed one.

I was on a roll.

I kept checking vendors as I moved east, while continuing to look for another giant fire beetle when I ran up to the wrong vendor.

Poor customer service

Apparently Rinna does not like bards, or my singing voice, or adherents of Karana, or some such, since I was dead almost as soon as I walked up to her.

Which put me back in North Qeynos, ending my trip.  But I had obtained a couple of the items I had been looking for.  I had to go farm some more ore from the gnolls of Blackburrow, but after that I was able to craft two of the remaining three items for Tistann.

Glowing Green Tistann

All that is left is the helm, for which I need the coyote skull.  But since I have “show helm” turned off, his look will not change any once he crafts that last piece.

Now I have to start working on Thrall’s quests.  So far I have managed to make exactly one piece of armor for him.

4 thoughts on “Nearly to Freeport

  1. Bhagpuss

    Kithicor used to terrify me. Still not keen on it, even now. In general the rule of thumb for travel in EQ used to be “stick to the zone wall”. Not guaranteed to save your life, but generally better than folowing a path.

    I think it was Luclin that decided to stick mobs along zone walls. I seem to remember that catching me out a few times.


  2. PeterD

    Humm, I’m confused. How did you craft that stuff when you were bound in North Qeynos and had been killed in the commonlands? Surely you have an exciting naked corpse run to tell us about?


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @PeterD – The current rules of the Progression server do not include naked corpse runs. (Though I checked and the /corpse command still works if you need to pull your corpse away from a bad guy.)

    Currently, when you die over level 5, you leave a corpse behind which can be ress’d for exp recovery, but all your equipment goes back with you to your bind point.

    There is talk on the forums about putting more severe death penalties up to a vote, corpse runs and old time, 20% of a level exp losses, but I get the feeling that those will be voted down.

    I think we all want a taste of early EQ, not the whole meal served up with all the over-spicy bits. But I could be wrong. We’ll see.


  4. PeterD

    Oh, I see. As horrendous as they were, the main things I remember from EQ were the naked corpse runs on my Paladin. Most especially dying in Kunark while bound on a different continent, and dying 3 times (and losing a level!) trying to get my gear back.

    Good times? No. Memorable? Apparently :)


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