Daily Archives: March 21, 2011

A Message for You from Biizzard

No, that title is not a typo.

When we were on Saturday night, mid-instance, we all got this tell.

And for about half a second it looked authentic.  The URL provided was the first red flag.

Seconds later, trying to figure out how this was done, we noticed the spelling of the name from which the tell was sent.

I was impressed and surprised.

Impressed because they managed to string together three sentences in reasonable English, rather than the crude, Google translate supplied sort of message to which I have grown used AND realize that “Biizzard” looks a lot like “Blizzard” at first glance.

And surprised because I would have thought Blizzard might have blocked out all of the corporate sounding names from the name database at character creation.  And I am also a bit surprised that the name Biizzard was even available on our server at this late date.

In case you were wondering what Blizzard in-game messages should look like, we have this tweet from BlizzardCS.