A Message for You from Biizzard

No, that title is not a typo.

When we were on Saturday night, mid-instance, we all got this tell.

And for about half a second it looked authentic.  The URL provided was the first red flag.

Seconds later, trying to figure out how this was done, we noticed the spelling of the name from which the tell was sent.

I was impressed and surprised.

Impressed because they managed to string together three sentences in reasonable English, rather than the crude, Google translate supplied sort of message to which I have grown used AND realize that “Biizzard” looks a lot like “Blizzard” at first glance.

And surprised because I would have thought Blizzard might have blocked out all of the corporate sounding names from the name database at character creation.  And I am also a bit surprised that the name Biizzard was even available on our server at this late date.

In case you were wondering what Blizzard in-game messages should look like, we have this tweet from BlizzardCS.

18 thoughts on “A Message for You from Biizzard

  1. Troy

    My whole affair with Blizzard is so tarnished because of scams, hackers, and nefarious crap like this. I am getting three or four emails a day from Blizzard, or whomever it is, asking me for account details — threatening all sorts of horrors if I don’t immediately comply.

    It is utterly dreadful and drove me away from the game!

    I do not know who to trust anymore — they have a very serious problem if they cannot legitimize themselves. You can’t trust anything with Blizzard’s name on it!


  2. mbp

    @Troy the sad news is that you get these scam emails even if you don’t play the game. I haven’t logged into WoW since 2005 and I am still on the scammer’s mailing lists.


  3. Wizardling

    That is the first ever phishing spam in-game I’ve _ever_ seen that is spelt correctly. What’s really sad is I’m no MMO newbie – it really is the first in ten years that isn’t 100% fail :-D


  4. Tesh

    I get scam emails like this on an email I only ever used for a ten day *trial* of WoW. On the other hand, an email I’ve *only* used for a WoW account (for about six months now) gets no scam emails.

    More on-topic, I got a whisper in similar vein and immediately ignored it. I simply don’t do things in-game for people to complain about. It’s an interesting play on guilt that doesn’t work if you’re behaving yourself.


  5. Genda

    I don’t quite get the logic…. scammers send me phishing email so I don’t play Blizzard games. Do you follow the same policy for banks and other institutions? Seems like throwing the baby out with the bath water. :/


  6. Shadow


    Heck, your account still gets hacked even if you don’t play the game. That happened to me a month or two after SC2 came out, and I hadn’t logged into the game since the first week or so of WotLK.


    In this case it’s a really ugly baby though… ;)


  7. SynCaine

    @Genda: Company behind the game is doing very little to help players with the scams (hell, they helped the scammers with stuff like linking email and such), so players act accordingly and leave. Sounds pretty reasonable to me.


  8. Xyd

    As someone who refuses to wear his reading glasses, I read that message twice and didn’t see it. Scary.



  9. Fnord

    Is that the first email like that you’ve received? It might fool me if it were.

    But I’ve received any number of whispers along the lines of “Blizaard: your account is report by players for abuse. Verifying account at >bogus-URL<.cn"

    Having seen the scam in transparent form, even the well-prepared version of the scam is obvious to me.


  10. Fnord

    Um, didn’t mean for the hypothetical url in my comment to get formatted as an actual link. On the off-chance I actually pointed to a real site, I recommend against clicking it.


  11. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Fnord – Well, I said above that the URL was the red flag… plus this wasn’t an email but an in-game tell from somebody pretending to be a GM. Also, I would think from the context of what I wrote it would be clear that this was hardly the first time I had seen such a thing. I just tend to document new variations on a theme here when I see them. Search on phishing here, you’ll find a lot of other posts.

    Finally, I fixed your bogus URL so nobody could click on it.

    @Xyd – Stop being old, it implies that I am old too since we’re the same age.


  12. Genda

    When I asked my son if he ever fell for any of those phishing attempts in WoW, he said “no dad, they’re too obvious.”

    Today was his 11th birthday.

    @Syncaine… So it’s your assertion that Blizzard employs a couple thousand customer service employees, many of whom probably do nothing but undo the account nonsense, but they have done “very little?”. I don’t think you have any idea what Blizzard has or hasn’t done. I think you just like attention. I know some of your posts seem ignorant, but this one takes the cake. LOL

    I wish I could get to know the real you, the CoWs who know you speak highly of you as an individual but some of your posts are indefensible.

    @Shadow – I’ve seen your profile pic and you should be glad your parents didn’t have that attitude. I keed I keed. ;)


  13. Piacenza

    Reading this post made me look something up in the TOU.

    Under chat rules, it says you may not “(viii) Communicate directly with players who are playing characters aligned with the opposite faction (e.g. Horde communicating with Alliance or vice versa);”

    Since you can’t chat with them via text in game, is that supposed to mean you can’t be on Vent with them or on the phone with them or talk to them if they’re in the same room as you?


  14. Angelya

    I had a whisper just like this one, but with grammar so bad that there was no question it was a fake. Slightly scary that they’ve learned to speak English properly :-/


  15. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Agnelya – That was part of the reason I took a screen shot of this one… it was in comprehensible English. That alone is so different that people might fall for it.


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