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Are We Going to See Another Issue of the World of Warcraft Magazine?

The Official World of Warcraft Magazine shipped its first issue just about 15 months ago.  It was tagged as the Winter 2009 issue.

Vol. 1, Issue 1, Winter 2009

The magazine itself was billed as a quarterly publication, a term which has a very specific meaning in the world of magazines.  But for most of us it just means that if you subscribe for a year, you should get four issues of that magazine.  This is reinforced by the subscription options you are shown when you order the magazine. (Or when you resubscribe like I did… sucker than I am apparently.)

To this date, Future US, the publisher of the Official World of Warcraft Magazine, has only produced three issues.

They are talking about a fourth issue.  Images and previews of it are displayed on the official web site of the official magazine.

Previews for the Elusive 4th Issue

But on the customer service page, and elsewhere on the site, they list the third issue as the current one, which seems to indicate that the fourth issue may not be coming any time soon.  Email I’ve sent to their customer service on the subject (wwccustserv@cdsfulfillment.com) have gone unanswered.

And to compound that, the big items for this issue appear to be a behind the scenes look at BlizzCon… something that happened nearly 6 months ago now… and an interview segment with the team that does the cinematic elements for Blizz… a team that had its own very interesting session at BlizzCon, so I hope the magazine can come up with something new.

Of course, I was worried about content for the magazine after issue three came out, as past issues were built up heavily around what Cataclysm would bring.  Cataclysm is here now, so they will have to find something else about which to write.

We may have to give EVE Online its due in another category.  It might be the only MMO that can effectively sustain its own magazine.

It probably helps that EVE does two major updates a year, so there is always something new.

Getting to Freeport is a Breeze

Sunday afternoon, Potshot and I were able to get together in EverQuest and continue our adventures.

Both of us had been working on our armor quests and had gotten quite far.

Thrall, Tistann, and Tarlach in new outfits

Tistann is only missing his new helm, while Tarlach is just short a pair of gauntlets to complete all of his quests.

Thrall only has the sleeves, bracers, dagger, and robe so far, though when you look at that robe you might ask, “What else could he possibly need?”  Ming the Merciless reborn!  The collar on the robe is an especially good detail.

And then there is poor Deneldir.

The druid armor quests from Surefall Glade appear to be bugged, so he does not have any shiny new duds to show off.  But if things are going right, he doesn’t have to do much beyond heal and buff and toss in the occasional damage spell.

We though we ought to take our new threads out for a test drive, so we headed to West Karana and the bandit camp on the ridge where we have been a couple of times before as part of other groups.

We're hunting bandits

The combination of upgraded equipment and higher levels all around made for a very successful expedition.

We found we could take on as many as six bandits at once (or five bandits and a higher level brigand) without things coming unglued, even when some wise guy trained a few bandits over us while I was AFK.

That moved us right along experience-wise, and Thrall became the first in the group to hit level 14.

This was odd, since when I started out Thrall, he was almost two levels behind Tistann.  By level 11 he had almost caught up and now at level 14 he is a good 20% of a level ahead.  I have to think that this is the racial penalties in play.  Tistann has the half-elf burden while while Thrall, being human, faces no penalty.

Or maybe the bard experience table is just a bit tougher than the enchanter table.

Either way though, Thrall hitting 14 was a big deal, because at 14 he got the spell Breeze, one of my three favorite early game spells along with Spirit of the Wolf and Mesmerize.

Dinner time ended our bandit camping, but later on in the evening I got back online with a mind to run east again to the Commonlands to pick up that new spell.

I brought Tistann along for his song of speed and headed out.

Unlike the last trip, I was prepared both physically and mentally.  Specifically, I heeded my own “too late” advice that came to me on the last trip and just ran along the north wall of Kithicor Forest.

The only hazard here is falling off...

Nothing blocked my way to the Commonlands aside from an occasional tree that was too close to the invisible zone barrier for me to squeeze around.

Then it was just a matter of finding the right vendor… and not getting killed by the wrong one yet again.

I wandered around a bit and then vaguely remember that there were some spell vendors over in the tunnel to North Ro.  The tunnel that is effectively the Commonlands Bazaar.

Plenty to buy and sell... don't trip on the dead troll

Inside the tunnel I wandered around until I found the right vendor and was able to make the big purchase.

Worth every copper!

And so my main mission was accomplished.

I still had a giant fire beetle carapace to collect along with a coyote skull, but figured that could wait a bit.

As I was about to log off for the evening, Potshot logged in.

I mentioned that I had made it successfully to the Commonlands.  After a quick chat we decided that, since we now have bind affinity on two of our characters, it might be time for a change of scenery.

So I parked myself in Freeport while Potshot started out on his own cross-country journey.

Of course, once I bind in Freeport it will mean running the other way across Norrath to complete the armor quests.  But maybe the druid armor quests in Freeport are not bugged so Deneldir can get a few upgrades.

This will also test my EverQuest knowledge.  I have adventured around Freeport and on Faydwer before, but most of my memories are from west of Highpass Hold and involve leveling up in zones in the order: West Karana, North Karana, East Karana, South Karana (Aviaks!), and then the Rathe Mountains.  Outside of that, things are a bit blurry.