Are We Going to See Another Issue of the World of Warcraft Magazine?

The Official World of Warcraft Magazine shipped its first issue just about 15 months ago.  It was tagged as the Winter 2009 issue.

Vol. 1, Issue 1, Winter 2009

The magazine itself was billed as a quarterly publication, a term which has a very specific meaning in the world of magazines.  But for most of us it just means that if you subscribe for a year, you should get four issues of that magazine.  This is reinforced by the subscription options you are shown when you order the magazine. (Or when you resubscribe like I did… sucker than I am apparently.)

To this date, Future US, the publisher of the Official World of Warcraft Magazine, has only produced three issues.

They are talking about a fourth issue.  Images and previews of it are displayed on the official web site of the official magazine.

Previews for the Elusive 4th Issue

But on the customer service page, and elsewhere on the site, they list the third issue as the current one, which seems to indicate that the fourth issue may not be coming any time soon.  Email I’ve sent to their customer service on the subject ( have gone unanswered.

And to compound that, the big items for this issue appear to be a behind the scenes look at BlizzCon… something that happened nearly 6 months ago now… and an interview segment with the team that does the cinematic elements for Blizz… a team that had its own very interesting session at BlizzCon, so I hope the magazine can come up with something new.

Of course, I was worried about content for the magazine after issue three came out, as past issues were built up heavily around what Cataclysm would bring.  Cataclysm is here now, so they will have to find something else about which to write.

We may have to give EVE Online its due in another category.  It might be the only MMO that can effectively sustain its own magazine.

It probably helps that EVE does two major updates a year, so there is always something new.

8 thoughts on “Are We Going to See Another Issue of the World of Warcraft Magazine?

  1. flosch

    Doesn’t that border on scamming? Even if you assume that eventually down the road, if you paid for 8 issues, you’ll get them, that’s like an interest-free loan.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    It certainly wanders near the borders of ethical behavior in my opinion.

    I do wonder how much of it is Future US working slowly and how much of it is the need for Blizzard to approve every issue. (And I have no doubt that such approval is required.)

    And the usual impetus for getting a magazine out the door on a deadline, the advertisers, is missing from the equation. They only have the subscribers to whom to answer, and we’ve already handed them our money. Twice in my case.


  3. Zapatero

    I suspect the problem isn’t for want of content on the part of the publisher, but that the timing of a magazine doesn’t suit Blizzard’s PR plan. After the 2nd issue of “Equinox” (EQ2 mag) SOE didn’t want to really discuss Issue #3 until they felt they had something to shout about.

    With CCP we are rather lucky in that we can set the agenda; whether that be wild speculation about far-away never-features, or detailed reports on imminent ones. As much as I like to moan about CCP, they do have us on a very loose rope, which is a very good thing as far as planning the magazine is concerned.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Zapatero – I was going to mention EQuinox, having bought the first issue. (Was that really 3 and a half years ago?) But it was hard to tell if the magazine was still being produced or not, no doubt due to the issue you mention. What issue are they up to?

    The difference here is that EQuinox was/is sold an issue at a time, while these guys at WoW Mag sold me a one year subscription that is going on 15 months to complete.

    CCP is wise in their ways, even if it sometimes seems like madness. You do not create lively and dynamic press coverage by putting it on a tight leash.


  5. Xyd

    Perhaps it’s 4 issues per year based on a Saturn year. Cut ’em a break – they have another 28 Earth years to cut that single issue. I think they’ll make it.

    I hope you didn’t pay in Earth money.


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Xyd – If the subscription is based on an orbit beyond that of Mars, I want my money back.

    Though even with Mars, they have a few more months to make their commitment.


  7. Fistfire

    If the magazine actually was ‘quarterly’, we should be receiving issue 5 by now!!! Have you noticed they have the dropped the season from the spine of the mag? They obviously know they are not meeting their expectations but what frustrates me is that they have given no apology or at least an explanation.

    I have also tried to email the company with no success and when I phoned Future Publishing UK (which is where I am from), they had never even heard of the magazine!

    If anyone has an email address that has yielded a reply, could you please post it.


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