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World of Warcraft Magazine Issue 4… Coming Soon… We Promise…

This is one of those things that seems to happen to me regularly.  I complain about something just before I get the answer for which I was looking.

Yesterday I was griping about the fourth issue of the Official World of Warcraft Magazine, and this morning something about it shows up in my mail box.

From our friends at Future US:

The most earth-shattering event since Cataclysm is almost here!

From the depths of Blackrock Caverns to the top of Vortex Pinnacle, a celebratory cry can be heard: Issue 4 of World of Warcraft Official Magazine is on its way!

The Cataclysm has arrived, so prepare yourself for our most jam-packed issue yet. Think you know everything about Deathwing’s blight on Azeroth? Our private army has scoured the land for every devastating detail on the latest expansion, including an in-depth tour of its new dungeons, an exploration of the five new high-level zones that highlight Deathwing’s reign of terror, and behind-the-scenes peeks at how the worgen and goblins came to playable life. Then venture inside the mind of Blizzard artist Samwise Didier, share some screen time with the cinematics team, discover how to cook in-game dishes in your very own kitchen, and much, much more.

Thank you for subscribing. We hope you enjoy reading Issue 4 as much as we’ve enjoyed crafting it!

World of Warcraft Official Magazine

This was a form letter and clearly not in response to anything I might have written.

More than a bit of hyperbole in their message, and issue 4 is still 3 months late by my reckoning, but at least it might finally be on the way.

What should I complain about next?

The Lively Desert of Ro

Now in Freeport, I began my search for a coyote skull.  Rumor had it that I could find coyotes in the Desert of Ro, so I ran through the Commonlands tunnel to the Northern Desert of Ro, just in time for sunrise.

From a hill in the Northern Desert of Ro

The Desert of Ro is one of those zones that has had a makeover, something about which I am dubious.  The zone does look good, about as good as any outdoor zone I have seen in EverQuest.  On the other hand, it does nullify the nostalgia factor somewhat, at least for some I am sure.

Fortunately, The Desert of Ro was never one of my regular haunts, so I do not really miss the old look the way I would if SOE redid the Karanas. (I am loaded with screen shots now, just in case they do.)  So the graphical update and the fact that the Oasis of Marr is now part of Southern Ro are not that big of a deal to me.

It turned out that Potshot did, indeed, make it safely to Freeport.

As I was hunting for coyotes I got a tell from him indicating that he was in North Ro as well, so we linked up.  While a lot of things in North Ro were still worth experience for us, I suggest we take the group to South Ro where we might find some more challenging, and lucrative, prey.

There we found a spot and settled down to kill some of the locals.

Angry Orc Priest

After the Karanas, and especially West Karana, where everything is very spread out, the Desert of Ro seemed almost a bit claustrophobic.  This was both good and bad.

We never had to go far to find our next victim and often said victim would wander right into our midst.  Our slaughter went on at a rapid pace.  Fortunately, with Thrall now able to cast Breeze, casting was able to keep up.

On the other hand, we often got our next victim a little early.  A red con dry bones skeleton is not a welcome addition when you already have two yellow con orcs on the hook.

We were also a little close to other groups who were hunting.  One player in wolf form showed up with a group and then seemed intent on driving us away by trying to tag all the mobs in the vicinity and then training the whole mess over our casters who were meditating for mana regen.

Ironically, this actually ended up helping us.  The result for a while was this person just delivering us more victims while keeping the area around us clear of potential adds.  It was only when he and his group left us alone that we got in trouble.

Left to our own devices we started getting more and more adds.  Mana ran low first, then hit points, and then it was time to run.

Tarlach went down holding off our mass of adds while the rest of us escaped back to Northern Ro.

Fortunately, Potshot had taken the time to bind his characters in Freeport, something I had not yet bothered to do.

We decided to set up in Northern Ro for a bit and plonked ourselves down by one of the dervish camps in the zone.

No friend of the whirling dervish

There we picked off dervish cutthroats as they spawned and picked off anything else that walked within range.  The Desert of Ro is very lively, and we rarely had to move far to find new targets.

We stuck out our camp until Tarlach and Deneldir hit level 13, by which point we were also laden with loot, and then headed back to the vendors at the north end of the zone to sell and camp.

The only thing missing from the evening was coyotes.  I did not see a single one.

My coyote search continues.

How to Catch Zorua and Zoroark

*[Zoroark download event from September 18th through the 25th]*

Pokemon Black and White have been out for a while now.

Those of us who did all the pre-launch downloads and went and saw the Pokemon Black and White Tour, we all have the game and are playing away.

My daughter is mocking me now because I am only at the fourth gym leader.

And the game is good.  I will have to find some time to compare it to HeartGold and SoulSilver, but I am enjoying it and despite the usual discomfort at having to learn about 150 new Pokemon, my daughter and I are having fun catching them.  They are growing on us.

But those download events, the three shiny legendaries along with mythical Celebi, they were set up for a reason.  We would have downloaded them anyway, but they also unlock special Pokemon in Black and White.

And Pokemon.com has finally posted how to get the two Pokemon that get unlocked, Zorua and Zoroark.

Getting Zorua does not seem to be a big deal.

According to the update, which you can read here, unlocking Zorua is pretty easy.

There is a special, secret way to transfer Celebi to your game.  You will need two Nintendo DS systems to do it.  But once you have Celebi in the game and in your party, talking to the right person in the game will allow Zorua to join your team as long as there is an open spot.

There is no messy catching situation, Zorua is just yours.

Which is completely unlike the scene with Zoroark.

Obtaining Zoroark is going to be a bit more work.  You can read all the detail on that encounter here.

As with Zorua, there is a special way to unlock the ability to transfer over the legendary Pokemon you downloaded during the GameStop events earlier this year.  Again, you will need two Nintendo DS units to do the transfer.

But once you activate Zoroark, you have only one chance to catch him.  If he gets away, the opportunity is gone.

So you might want to wait until you have built up a good supply of high success Pokeballs and have a team together that is able to wear him down so you can catch him.  And you might want to save just before you do the encounter, so you can turn off your DS if you fail and try again.