World of Warcraft Magazine Issue 4… Coming Soon… We Promise…

This is one of those things that seems to happen to me regularly.  I complain about something just before I get the answer for which I was looking.

Yesterday I was griping about the fourth issue of the Official World of Warcraft Magazine, and this morning something about it shows up in my mail box.

From our friends at Future US:

The most earth-shattering event since Cataclysm is almost here!

From the depths of Blackrock Caverns to the top of Vortex Pinnacle, a celebratory cry can be heard: Issue 4 of World of Warcraft Official Magazine is on its way!

The Cataclysm has arrived, so prepare yourself for our most jam-packed issue yet. Think you know everything about Deathwing’s blight on Azeroth? Our private army has scoured the land for every devastating detail on the latest expansion, including an in-depth tour of its new dungeons, an exploration of the five new high-level zones that highlight Deathwing’s reign of terror, and behind-the-scenes peeks at how the worgen and goblins came to playable life. Then venture inside the mind of Blizzard artist Samwise Didier, share some screen time with the cinematics team, discover how to cook in-game dishes in your very own kitchen, and much, much more.

Thank you for subscribing. We hope you enjoy reading Issue 4 as much as we’ve enjoyed crafting it!

World of Warcraft Official Magazine

This was a form letter and clearly not in response to anything I might have written.

More than a bit of hyperbole in their message, and issue 4 is still 3 months late by my reckoning, but at least it might finally be on the way.

What should I complain about next?

3 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Magazine Issue 4… Coming Soon… We Promise…

  1. PeterD

    Complain that we don’t have an official release date for Star Wars: The Old Republic. That at least is a little more likely to get a response than world peace :)

    Or, complain that the release of SW:TOR is too far off, so that it can turn out it’ll be released in 2 months, woo!


  2. SynCaine

    Did they just ask you to celebrate the fact that they are 3 months late to deliver a magazine?

    That’s like celebrating the fact that you can pay an extra $25 for yet another sparkle pony instead of getting a real content patch for your sub cost that actually includes new content.



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