Finding a Helm in Freeport

I finally got around to binding in Freeport.  The graphically updated Freeport.

The new and oppressive Freeport.

Welcome to Freeport! Now go away!

I remember Freeport of old being more ramshackle and feeling a bit lighter and open and airy.

Now it is a city that feels like it could evolve into the Freeport of post-cataclysm Norrath, the Freeport of EverQuest II.  It just needs to spawn another dozen zones and it is nearly there.

(Is it safe to use the word “cataclysm” any more in reference to things that happened in other MMO story lines?)

And it was my complete lack of ability to find a coyote, much less kill one and get the drop I needed, that made me decide to put down roots and make a commitment to the place.

Thrall and Tistann bound just inside the gates that lead to Northern Ro.  I figured we were more likely to die out there and this would get us back in the field more quickly.

Plus, where else would I bind?  I suppose Thrall has the spell Gate, which returns him to his bind point, so maybe something like the enchanters guild would be better, but Tistann has to walk everywhere, so better at the gate.

Plus I am less likely to get lost.

It is really a good thing that they have the “find” system, because you really need it in Freeport.  Or at least I do.

Follow the Wisp

If I didn’t have that lit path before me, I would… well… I’d spend a lot more time running around lost.

SOE did a smart thing too.  In addition to all of the usual suspects, they also put the gates out of the zone on the list.  So you can get a wisp to show you to the bank, your guild, a vendor, or the gate to Northern Ro.

Tistann wanted to find the bards guild.  Having given up on coyote skulls for my Wind Spirits Helm quest, I wanted to see what the Freeport version of the bard armor quest was like.  I was kind of hoping that the Songweavers Armor quest would be doable and that I might get a helm of a different color to contrast against my bright emerald armor.

One wish was fulfilled.

In yet another example of how those who start in Qeynos face a total screwjob compared to Freeport, I ran out and did the helm quest in about 15 minutes.  The Freeport quest had pieces that dropped within a zone of the quest.  I didn’t have to run across the whole continent to get key items.

So a couple of Orcs, one wolf, and some barley from a vendor and, hey presto, I had the pieces to make my new helm.

However that helm looks just like the rest of my armor.

In Freeport, it is easier being green

You can see why I run around with the “show helm” option turned off.  That is just too much green.

I will have to see what the caster armor quests are like next.

And when I was done with that I got a tell from Potshot.  He was on and it was time for some more camping in Southern Ro.  But while running out to join up with him, I had to face one more Freeport poke in the eye.

Your skull, gives it to me!

I was sorely tempted to slay it, just to see if it would actually drop that coyote skull for which I had spent hours searching.

But I had already heard other people, no doubt from Qeynos, looking for coyote skulls on the OOC channel.  I left this one for them.

2 thoughts on “Finding a Helm in Freeport

  1. Bhagpuss

    The caster newbie armor quest in steamfont is the only one that I’ve ever done. It gives an offhand item that, when it came out, was an upgrade for some of my characters in the 50s. Not sure if it’s working on the Prog servers, but if it is it’s definitely worth doing.


  2. Toldain

    Perhaps it’s due to some sick elvish self-esteem issue, but I rather like the sticks that Freeport keeps wanting to poke in my eye. I picked up and moved from Felwithe to Freeport as soon as it was reasonable to do so.

    However, I’m postponing working on the newbie armor until I hit 50. As an enchanter, most of my stats don’t really matter that much to my group. My ability to stick a mez matters a little, and that seems based on Charisma, but other than that, what matters is “Do you have crack?”


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