Guild Name – SOE Approved!

If I recall right, to form a guild in EverQuest, you have to fill out a form that gets sent to a real person at SOE who must approve your guild.  You then have a short period of time to get 10 members into the guild or the guild will be automatically disbanded.

So every time I see a guild name in EverQuest, my first thought is, “Somebody at SOE gave that name the green light!”

SOE Approved!

Of course, maybe the process has changed or has been automated since I last looked into guild creation on EverQuest.


5 thoughts on “Guild Name – SOE Approved!

  1. stargrace

    In game right this minute – alt + g (open a guild window while you are not in a guild) brings up a window that says any inappropriate names may also result in disciplinary action, and that they’ll be disbanded, with tribute removed, and may face suspension. You enter a guild name, and hit the create button. The guild name can not already exist on another server. Ta da – just made myself a new guild.

    It’s automated, in other words. Unless someone files a complaint against the guild name it more then likely will be overlooked.


  2. Pid

    Yes, it is pretty easy now. I imagine they don’t have the staff to deal with it these days. It does make it pretty easy to get an alt a few levels and now you have a little space to store crap, craft, or whatever with characters that you don’t feel like having in your main guild.


  3. Snick

    Rewind to 2001, Morrell-Thule server: I had played a variety of newbie characters before settling on a permanent char to level up and having experienced how fragile Dark Elf casters were (except Necros..) the name Snicketysnack seemed appropriate and was also a play on line from a Lewis Carroll poem. When it came time to pick my last name, I wanted something equally amusing that rhymed and came up with Biggedybalzac.

    I know what you’re thinking, it sounds so rude, but seriously was never my intention. I had many compliments on my name throughout my career as a DE chanter, until one fateful day hanging out in the caverns of Luclin with a buddy of mine, Pewt, who recently chose the last name ‘Lovesyomama’. That’s right.

    Bing! Lirus the GM shows up out of nowhere and yanks his last name saying she just had a complaint from another player. Then she takes a look at me and after a minute yanks my last name too. I was not expecting that whatsoever. I chatted with her for almost an hour trying to figure out why she pulled my name. I asked her if she had any complaints and she said, no. I ensured her the name was not obscene and never was intended to be, and continued to pester until she finally apologized and admitted it was her fault for asking the GM channel if my name was acceptable and they all said ‘no’. I begged for my name back but she said it was too late, there was no going back and apologized again. *sigh* Oh well.

    Despite that encounter, Lirus was still my favorite GM and ran many awesome in game events for us but she resigned in early 2002 stating stress and politics. I can’t say I blame her, the servers were vicious back then, even on PvE.

    Anyway, I think the Morrell of the story, if there must be one, is hanging out with bad company never results in anything good.


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