Play Breakout, Win Pokemon on Global Link

Well, you can win ONE Pokemon.  But it is a special one.

Plus it is an annoying one to get otherwise, and all you have to do clear four levels of Breakout to do it.

While Pokemon Black and White launched earlier this month, one of the add-on services to the game, the Pokemon Global Link, is not yet live.

The Pokemon Global Link is the key online component of Pokemon Black and White that includes features like the Dream World, where you can interact with other players, the tracking service where you can see how your friends are doing in the game, the Global Battle Union, and other features.  You can read all about it here.

However, it is not live yet.

It is supposed to go live this Wednesday, March 30th.   However the earthquake in Japan has pushed that date back.

The Current Global Link Web Page

Other aspects of the launch are still going on it seems.

To use access all of the features of the Global Link when it goes live, you will need to create an account at the Pokemon Trainer’s Club.

The Pokemon Trainer’s Club has been around for a while now.  It is an online social site with an obvious Pokemon theme.  You can dress up your avatar and play flash games.

And they have just added a new flash game.  It is, as the title of this post indicates, a version of Breakout.  If you clear all four levels of the game, you get the option to take a Pokemon that is offered you.  If you do not like the Pokemon, you can say no and try for another.

Let's Play Pokemon Breakout

The Pokemon on offer are all evolutions of the Pokemon Eevee, some of which are quite a challenge to get.

If you win and select a Pokemon, that is the only one you will be able to take.  But once the Pokemon Global Link goes live and you log in, you will be able to bring that Pokemon with you back into your copy of Black or White, if I read things right.

So far I have been offered the Jolteon evolution of Eevee, but I am holding out for a Glaceon.

3 thoughts on “Play Breakout, Win Pokemon on Global Link

  1. cardiacnecrosis

    At which level does it offer you the Pokémon?
    (And the eeveelution you’re offered is dependent upon how many orbs of that eeveelution you picked up, the one with the most is the one you’re offered if I’m not mistaken)


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    There appears to be only four levels (or maybe five, I might not be mentally counting the first one, which goes so quickly) after which an alert comes up and gives you the option to claim a Pokemon.

    I did not notice the relationship between the tokens and which Pokemon you are offered at the end. My daughter will no doubt want to catch the dark tokens, since she is a fan of Umbreon.

    As an aside, I also found it amusing that this game appears to be a re-skin of the breakout game that came with my el-cheapo LG phone. Only the one on my phone has more levels.


  3. Pokemon Master Rafe

    After a while, I finally cleared that game with 1 life left, and I managed to get Umbreon on the first try. :D So when the Global Link goes live, I hope that I can get my Umbreon. :D


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