April Fools at Blizzard – 2011

There were April Fools pranks all over the internet this year like every year.  Many were quite amusing, like EVE Online’s announcement of player mounts being included as part of the Incarana expansion.

But nobody goes over the top the way Blizzard does.  Last year they had a number of April Fools jokes and this year they have kept up the tradition.

Last year there were items that only appeared on either the US or EU sites.  This time around it seems like it was a unified effort across the two geographic areas. (Though I did not do a thorough search, so if I missed something, speak up!)

There is Crabby the Dungeon Helper, a send up of the old Microsoft Office Paperclip helper.

You Cybernetic Crabby Pal

And to just rub Crabby in our faces, he is also present on the Tomb of Immortal Darkness page, a preview of the most challenging WoW instance ever.

Crabby will not be deterred

He also hangs out on the WoW community page as well, and keeps talking while you are trying to read the faux Patch 4.1.11 Release Notes, which includes items like the Random Guild Finder and and appearance tab… for non-combat pets.

Then there was the Horadrapp, a Horadric Cube iPhone app that can be used to transmute your current iPhone apps into new and more powerful apps.

Horadric Cube App

On the StarCraft II front, there was the StarCraft Motion Overdrive video, showing StarCraft II being played via the XBox 360 Kinnect as well as the StarCraft II Patch 1.4.11 Patch Notes.

And while all of this is very amusing, it does lead one to wonder what might have been accomplished if the time that went into these things was spent focusing on the actual games involved.

7 thoughts on “April Fools at Blizzard – 2011

  1. SynCaine

    Considering you could sell pretty dresses for non-combat pets, and people would line up to hand over $20 for the epic sparkly one, that one is likely only a temporary joke.

    A random guild finder would likely be very popular in WoW as well. One more MMO ‘barrier’ made more ‘accessible’, right?

    Sadly Crabby is not needed; who needs help in a WoW dungeon?


  2. Bhagpuss

    Appearance Tabs for non-combat pets is very much a viable idea. I’m pretty sure a number of MMOs actually have this already.


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    In some ways, the release note is my favorite bit of the April Fools routine at Blizzard, as it mocks just about everybody including Blizzard and its ability to drive people insane by changing things and the perception (or reality) that it panders to some groups more than others.


  4. Genda

    “And while all of this is very amusing, it does lead one to wonder what might have been accomplished if the time that went into these things was spent focusing on the actual games involved.”

    I don’t think you really want the web team working on the games do you? :P


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Genda – This is true, the labor involved generally isn’t directly transferable to other things. (Except maybe at a budgetary level.)

    It is amusing though, to think that somebody’s job assignment is, “Go create April Fools gags for the community site.”

    (And now that I think of it, if the web team has free time, have them fix the parental controls. They totally screwed them up last year. They work, but if I were on the QA team I’d have a dozen bugs for them.)


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