Building the Wilhelm Arcturus Brand for the Wilhelm Arcturus Decade

A little over a month back I was, quite rightly recognized as a force on the internet.

The Say 100 Site is, undoubtedly ahead of the curve (yet years late!) in taking note of me,Wilhelm Arcturus.

And yet, one of the things that stuck with me was something they wrote about all of the people, plus Wilhelm Arcturus, who they recognized.

At SAY Media we believe the power to shape opinion is shifting from the faceless editorial voice of mainstream media to individuals, many of whom are taking advantage of simple technology to create their own properties and build their own media brands.

Wilhelm Arcturus has totally not been building the Wilhelm Arcturus media brand effectively!

And what use is Wilhelm Arcturus if Wilhelm Arcturus has no internet brand?  How can Wilhelm Arcturus continue to grow without one?

So today marks the beginning of a major operation at the site.  How things will be done here will change dramatically.

The updates will include:

  • Change of blog name – The new name is “The Wilhelm Arcturus Experience!”
  • Change of blog theme – The old one was not in tune with the new brand image (be patient on this one, we’re still working out the kinks.)
  • Change of handle – Wilhelm2451 is out, Wilhelm Arcturus is in
  • Change of character names – All characters will be named Wilhelm Arcturus. Games that do not allow that will be ignored
  • Change of URL – is on order
  • Change of Avatar – A new avatar picture projecting the new Wilhelm Arcturus image (see below)

Wilhelm Arcturus - More Suave Than You Will Ever Be

And most importantly, a change in editorial focus.  Wilhelm Arcturus will report much less on games and game mechanics and more on about how he feels while playing games, what he eats while gaming, and what apparel he prefers to wear while in game. (Wilhelm Arcturus is close to an endorsement deal on that last, expect to hear about the new Wilhelm Arcturus line of clothing at Wal-Mart.)

I think that people are going to stop thinking about themselves, and start thinking about me, Wilhelm Arcturus.

That’s right. I believe we’re entering what I like to call the Wilhelm Arcturus Decade.

Oh, for me, Wilhelm Arcturus, the 2010’s will be pretty much the same as the past decade. I’ll still be thinking of me, Wilhelm Arcturus.

But for you, you’ll be thinking more about how things affect me, Wilhelm Arcturus.

Welcome to the Wilhelm Arcturus Experience.


Okay, that was fun. But April Fools is over… at least in UTC time.  If you missed it, here is what the site looked like for a few hours today.

The Wilhelm Arcturus Experience

Now to set everything back to the way it was.

I think, however, I get to change the sub-title of the blog.  I am at 25 years of online gaming this year.

Imagine that.

17 thoughts on “Building the Wilhelm Arcturus Brand for the Wilhelm Arcturus Decade

  1. Ethic

    I hope my reply here will make you feel, at least for a moment, as if your many readers enjoy your new direction. I know my first and foremost thought was to ponder if responding here would make your day better or not. I know what I think does not matter so it was a bit of a struggle for me to decide what you would like me to do.

    Finally I asked myself, “What would Wilhelm Arcturus do?” and I knew the answer.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Jonny – Wilhelm Arcturus suggests that you then tell the clerk to keep the change or maybe put it in their little tip jar. That makes them feel special. Not as special as Wilhelm Arcturus, but as special as they can manage.

    @Ysharros – If that was a Frank Booth quote, Wilhelm Arcturus thinks you were correct as written. Don’t fight the experience, just go with it. The Wilhelm Arcturus Experience won’t let you down.


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  4. P@tsh@t

    Pro tip: henceforth always refer to yourself in the third person. Bob Dole was decades ahead on this.

    I for one can’t wait to see the walmart line of Wilhelm Arcturus pajama jeans.


  5. Xyd

    At least we’re not referring to ourselves in the third person. On in plural form.

    I openly welcome our new overlord. Please let me know when the shirts and lapel pins are ready.



  6. Ysharros

    @WAEX ya know, I thought it was right the first time. Then I added “er” – then I deleted it. Then I forgot to add it back. I guess my subconscious is smarter than I am (which isn’t saying much).

    I’ll just roll with the flow. Well spotted on the quote ;)


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