Daily Archives: April 4, 2011

Since They Were Handing Out Guilds For Free…

As Stargrace pointed out in a comment, the old system of petitioning for your guild name and waiting for a GM to come along and approve it is gone in EverQuest.

Now Alt-G in EQ brings up the following dialog box if you are not in a guild.

Guild Creation in One Field

You just put in the name you want and, hey presto, you have a guild.

So our own little guild was formed, the Qeynosian Scouts. (That link may fail in a few days.)

Still Scouting Unrest

Not that we really needed a guild.

I suppose it gives us a chat channel outside of group chat and a guild listing to see who is on.

But more importantly it gives us a little tag that says, “I’m with the band.”  No longer are we just four random characters wandering the lands.  We’re in a guild, so we must be wandering the land on important business.

I’d like to say that it would also stop all those pesky guild invite requests, but to date I have received none.

Of course, I do not know if the other restrictions still apply.  It used to be that if you did not get 10 members, which is to say 10 different accounts, as members over a given period of time, the guild would be automatically dissolved.

But if the guild fades away, we’ll make a new one.  It will be Potshot’s turn to pick a name then.

Guild of the week might be more fun than just a static guild… unless SOE has thought of that already and has something in place to thwart us.