Daggerdale – Atari has More Dungeons & Dragons Coming

Last August, Atari and Cryptic announced a new non-MMO, single-player/co-op multi-player was being produced.  It was titled, ever so originally, Neverwinter.

By the way, I would like to throw out a few other Forgotten Realms locations that could have games based around them, thus avoiding more repetition of Neverwinter. (Or Baldur’s Gate, for that matter.)

Waterdeep maybe?  Zhentil Keep?  Calimport even?  The elves of Evermeet perhaps?

All fine locations.

Anyway, I received a note today about another Dungeons & Dragons game, again not an MMO, but featuring single-player and co-op multi-player action.  This time Atari has teamed up with Bedlam Games to create Dungeons & Dragons: Daggerdale.

And the first thing going for it is that at least it isn’t named Neverwinter. (Or Baldur’s Gate.)

But otherwise it sounds… well… a lot like Neverwinter.

Solo or Co-op Play
It’s up to you! Whether you choose to do battle in the mines of Tethyamar or skirmish on the Tower of Rezlus, you can fight solo, join with up to three friends online, or battle alongside a partner locally.

Explore Daggerdale’s main questlines to reveal its intriguing backstory, mysterious characters, and the richness of its world. Extended depth and experience reward exploration and side-quests.

Immersive Combat
Battle a wide range of enemies by engaging in intuitive pick-up-and-play melee, tactical ranged combat, or powerful spell casting.

Develop Your Character
Select a class, build your ultimate hero, collect loot, and earn experience! Select powers and feats to enhance and customize your hero as you level up.

Stunning Levels and Deep Exploration
A wide variety of perilous quests encourage you to explore Daggerdale’s richly detailed environments.

Multiple Game Modes
Unlock new areas and challenges in Campaign mode, or hone your skills and discover powerful new items in Freeplay mode.

Authentic D&D Experience
The detailed world of the iconic Dungeons & Dragons franchise has been painstakingly recreated for a rich, complex, and thrilling game experience.

It also includes the usual claim to be true to the spirit of the 4th Edition rule set, though it lacks some of the heavy-hitter name that Cryptic mentions prominently; R. A. Salvatore. (He wrote the story on which the game is based.)

Oh, it does have one more thing going for it that Cryptic’s Neverwinter does not.  Daggerdale is supposed to be out before Summer.  Cryptic is still living up to its name and still saying just “2011” on the Neverwinter site.

Anyway, it is clear that Atari is big on Dungeons & Dragons of late.

Daggerdale is slated for Windows, XBox 360, and PlayStation 3, though my experience so far in cross platform is that PC players get the short end of the stick.  And Daggerdale’s latest video doesn’t exactly have me wetting my pants in anticipation.

Not that it looks bad, but there wasn’t anything that really stood out either.

How about you?  Have you heard anything good about Daggerdale?

Or have you heard anything new about Neverwinter?

11 thoughts on “Daggerdale – Atari has More Dungeons & Dragons Coming

  1. Angry Gamer

    D&D that brings back memories…

    TSR, Avalon Hill, etc what happened???

    I wish I had the time to do some research as to what happened with TSR. According to Gygax he got into cartoons/hollywood and his wife/partners ran it into the ground while he was in Cali.

    TSR had GREAT stories I remember a time when EVERYONE was running around with a Dragonlance book in hand… But my first real D&D computer experience was Diablo not Neverwinter Nights.

    Sigh… It’s standard in my industry to have the leaders of the last tech base be the late comers to the next wave but still it is disappointing that Blizzard cracked the nut while TSR got aquired by a card trading game company.

    irony is indeed tough


  2. TheRemedy

    I don’t know how to write this without sounding snarky so I apologize in advance for that, but it’s one of those cheap downloadable titles. What were you expecting? It looks alright for what I’m guessing is a hack & slash. And it has co-op so I’m willing to shell out a couple bucks for it.


  3. Stabs

    There was a somewhat unfortunate tendency in the 80s for senior TSR people to have god-mode characters and to show them off at every opportunity.

    Daggerdale, if I remember correctly was where Ed Greenwood’s overpowered Mage lived. It was also inhabited by various overpowered, rule-breaking characters from his private games.

    It was a facepalm place to GM in the 80s although his character wasn’t quite as ridiculous as Gygax’s Gort of Greyhawk.


  4. SynCaine

    That has to be one of the most generic, copy/paste press releases I’ve seen in quite some time. Literally NOTHING what was written made me go “hey that sounds good”.

    I think I saw this game at PAX, and if it’s the same one, it plays like a console port of DDO, minus the already marginal MMO bits.


  5. WoWnerd520

    I haven’t played D&D since 3.5… Though I had a really fun time playing. Maybe I should host a game. hmmmm


  6. Random Poster


    God I am a geek, but you are referring to Elminster who lives in Shadowdale.

    I always rather liked his personality which let me overlook he was basically a Demigod unless he was in one of the instances where all his power goes away (which actually seemed ot happen quite a bit in the novels for various reasons).


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @TheRemedy – Who said there was a prohibition on snarky? I honestly know nothing about this game aside from what I have written here, so opinions are welcome… and you’re probably right.

    This item only made for a post because I have a soft spot for Forgotten Realms, despite not having done a saving roll in earnest since THAC0 was “that new stuff.”

    @RandomPoster – Elminster loses his powers in the novels for only one real reason, the same one that causes the transporter to be the least reliable ship system in all of Star Trek: Plot necessity.

    Where is the drama if he can just shape shift or magic missile his way out of every complication in life? He’s supposed to be so damn clever, let him prove it without his magic! As you point out, it is his personality that makes the character.


  8. j0nny_5

    I’m pretty stoked about this game. I’m hoping it’s like Atari’s Dungeons and Dragons Heroes for the original Xbox, just in 4e.

    Take not, it’s a download only game for the consoles. Which means it’s only got 1.(4?) gigs max download size, and can’t be more than $20. For $20 I’ll take whatever D&D game they can throw at me.


  9. Vyzix

    I would love to see a Calimport centered game focusing on the various thieves guilds. Maybe with some urban class variants, and not clunky multiplayer. Are you listening Atari? WOTC?


  10. PeterD

    From the looks of things it’s much more “action-y” than I would expect Neverwinter will be, and I wouldn’t be remotely surprised if the game started out as a generic/custom fantasy setting and someone at Atari told Bedlam – “Hey, let’s make it a D&D game!”

    If it’s cheap enough it might be worth a download for a console.


  11. Ajores

    Well, tbh I was actually excited when I first heard about this game. I’ve been on a Titan Quest and Diablo kick lately, and when I saw that Atari appears to be producing a hack and slash kinda game in one of my favorite roll playing settings, I thought “just what the doctor ordered!” The multiplayer sells it for me.

    That said, I’ve tried, TRIED, so many times to play Atari’s other Forgotten Realm games, and everything past NWN2 just hasn’t stood up to today’s standards imo. I really wanted to like NWN2… It was just too dang slow and buggy.

    So here comes a cheap, faster paced gamed set in FR, written by R.A. Salvatore (easily my favorite author in high school), and it’s even co-op to boot? Might just be the most fun I’ve had in FR in a long time!


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