The Way to Kunark; Fippy Darkpaw 7 Weeks In

Today the Fippy Darkpaw Progression Server has been live for seven weeks, depending on how you want to count things.  The server launched on February 15th, but it wasn’t live for the full day, so I am not counting that day in my calculation, but SOE might.

The content on the Progression Servers is limited to the zones available at the initial release of EverQuest for 90 days, or approximately 13 weeks.  So we are over the half way point now.

There are two gates to pass to be able to unlock the next expansion, The Ruins of Kunark at the 90 day mark.

The first gate is that certain bosses in the original content must be defeated at least once.  I think we’re covered there.

Kunark Progress Revealed

You can click on the picture above to see the details, or you can read the less glamorous list below.

  • Phinigel Autropos – Defeated Feb. 19, 2011 by Twisted Legion
  • Lady Vox – Defeated Feb. 22, 2011 by Twisted Legion
  • Lord Nagafen – Defeated Feb. 22, 2011 by Twisted Legion
  • Innoruuk – Defeated Feb. 23, 2011 by Twisted Legion
  • Cazic Thule – Defeated Feb. 24, 2011 by Twisted Legion

So, that was a busy first 10 days on the server for Twisted Legion.

I was still under level 10 out in West Karana when this was happening.  I happened to be on when Lady Vox was defeated.

Things were more relaxed on the Vulak server. (I finally remembered the name!)  The last boss, Cazic Thule, wasn’t defeated until March 1.  Slackers! (Somebody else can crop together a picture like mine for Vulak.)

The second gate is a vote.  To restrain the likes of Twisted Legion from racing through the game and opening all the content while a good portion of us haven’t hit level 20, there is a 90 day period from the launch of the server until the first vote on opening up the next expansion can take place.

Of course, this time period will simply force Twister Legion to prepare for 11 weeks for their assault on Kunark.  They will all be level 50 and geared up.

And I am sure that, as a group, we will all vote to open up Kunark.  It was, in my highly biased opinion, the only good expansion for EverQuest.  Plus opening it up will spread out the population a bit more, as we all seem to be packing into the same lucrative locations.

Potshot and I have spent our last few sessions in Unrest, which is good experience when you can find a spot to camp, but finding that spot with 20-30 other people in a relatively small zone can be a challenge.  We might have to start looking for a new place to hunt, if there is a place that isn’t quite so crowded.  Crowding seems to be a common theme on the forums, and it seems to get worse the higher you get in levels.

Anyway, we have a ways to go until the 90 day mark, which should fall on May 16th, if my fingers/toes calculation is correct.  And then we can probably look forward to votes every 30 days after that, at least until Twisted Legion gets too far ahead and we all start voting against unlocks.

7 thoughts on “The Way to Kunark; Fippy Darkpaw 7 Weeks In

  1. Troy

    I am both looking forward to Kunark, but also dreading it. It is a grand expansion, equal to that of Velious or more, but it is again the death toll for what I so enjoyed about EQ — the simplicity.


  2. Quain

    The only good expansion for EverQuest? Goodness, I think you need a post explaining why you’re down on Velious, because I cannot fathom how a person who clearly quite enjoys EverQuest could possibly have such a poor thing to say about Velious!


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Quain – I have a post brewing that I’ll finish up some day about expansions and why I dislike them in general.

    It isn’t so much that I am down on Velious, I think your claim that I am is unfair since I did not even mention it. There are, after all, 15 other expansions in that basket. I have no particular grudge against Velious. I am just down on expansions in general. You’ll note I am enjoying expansion-free EQ.

    There are very few MMO expansions that I felt improved a game overall, leaving aside the economic necessity of keeping players playing. Kunark makes the cut in my mind. It has a lot to do with my views on online gaming that formed at a time which pre-dates the age of MMOs. I also realize that my view on expansions is a very personal opinion that may not be shared by anybody else.


  4. SynCaine

    That’s an interesting question actually; what expansions have actually improved their games.

    I’m thinking back on UO expansions, and I can’t really pick anything that really changes the game in a good way without some negatives. Same for DAoC (though my memory of WHAT exactly each expansion brought is a bit weak). AC never had an expansion when I was playing it. Obviously my stance on WoW expansions is well known.


  5. Bhagpuss

    I’d say that Kunark, Velious and LDoN actually improved Everquest. I think many, probably most, EQ players would aggree on the first two.

    LDoN is a controversial choice, but I played through it at the time and from personal experience I know that LDoN introduced many people to Dungeoneering who had previously thought such adventure beyond them.

    The overall standard of PUGs on my server at the time was raised significantly by LDoN and that effect persisted for maybe another 9-12 months and translated into the best period of dungeonplay I experienced in EQ, not just in LDoN dungeons but in many other dungeons too. Once LDoN fell out of fashion, the quality of PUGs likewise declined.

    Personally, I love expansions. I have found something to enjoy in most of EQ’s, although there are a few of the 17 that I could have done without. On the other hand, I understand entirely the appeal of the pure, untrammeled original. What would really suit me would be if each expansion began on a new server, leaving a trail of time-capsule servers in its wake.


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Bhagpuss – “What would really suit me would be if each expansion began on a new server, leaving a trail of time-capsule servers in its wake.”

    Get out of my head! Stop reading my mind!

    I’m going to have to finish that post sooner rather than later I guess.

    Part of what I dislike about expansions is that I am a total sucker for them. If you like a game, then why wouldn’t you like MORE of that game. Only the game changes in ways that often leave me with mixed feelings.

    Velious I am probably lumping unfairly with most other EQ expansions, but it shipped at a point when I was starting to be done with EQ for the time (having started at launch), though it would take me another year to figure that out.

    LDoN is an expansion with which I have no experience, a phrase which covers probably 12 out of the 17 expansion, but which I am interested to see given my favoring of the whole instanced dungeon crawl thing.

    (BTW I could have sworn I’ve trolled with that line about Kunark being the only good EQ expansion before. And that line is nothing but a troll, I’ll admit. This is the first time somebody has taken the bait.)


  7. Quain

    I’m not trying to be unfair or even argue, I’d just be curious to see your logic fully laid out. Following Bhagpuss’s line, I think Velious and Kunark are two expansions the vast majority of long-term players would agree were improvements (or, at least, “good” expansions) to the game, so it’d be interesting to see your justification.

    I’d also like to hear what you feel Kunark improved about the game. I loved the expansion, but in terms of gameplay changing events, the only thing I’d identify is having substantially more mobs and reducing the crowding that vanilla was experiencing from having not enough space for too many people. A question in that vein is, if you released Velious first (along with the jump from 50 to 60 in levels), would you still think Kunark was a top notch expansion?

    Again, while I disagree with your assertions, I have zero interest in changing your mind/proving you wrong/internet arguing, I’m just interested in hearing the story from the other side of the aisle.


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