Pokemon Secret Egg Event Coming to Toys R Us

Pokemon.com has announced a new download event to be held at Toys R Us from April 27th through May 31st.

The event coincides with the airing of an episode of the Pokemon animated series where Ash is given a special Pokemon egg to care for until it hatches.

You too can download the same egg at Toys R Us and hatch it in your copy of Pokemon Black or White.

From the site:

Get a Secret Egg, pick up special Pokémon TCG packs, and discover new Pokémon at a special Toys“R”Us event beginning April 27th!

Coming up in the Pokémon: Black & White animated TV series, Ash is given a great responsibility—he must care for a delicate Pokémon Egg until it hatches. Watch episodes every Saturday through May 21st on Cartoon Network to find out which Pokémon will hatch!

You can follow in Ash’s footsteps with your own Pokémon Egg! Visit participating Toys”R”Us stores from April 27th to May 31st to receive a Secret Egg distribution for your Pokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version game. Carry the Secret Egg with you in your game until it hatches to find out which one of three secret Pokémon you’ll get!

While at Toys”R”Us, look for a special Pokémon Trading Card Game offer: you can purchase Pokémon TCG: Black & White booster two-packs that include a secret promo card featuring one of the three Pokémon that may hatch from your Secret Egg!

Head to Toys”R”Us starting April 27th with your Nintendo DS™ system and a copy of your game for the Secret Egg distribution, and check out all the other amazing Pokémon products, including special packs of Pokémon TCG cards!

This download is only for Pokemon Black and White.  I suspect that the Pokemon that comes from the egg won’t be available through any other means, but I suppose we’ll only know once it hatches.

[Addendum: The “How To” details are now posted over at the Pokemon Black and White site.]

17 thoughts on “Pokemon Secret Egg Event Coming to Toys R Us

  1. B.hellister

    This is quite clever marketing and effective to boot since my son has already informed me that he HAS to get that special download egg for his black and white game. Otherwise the world may just end according to him. He is a big fan.


  2. Nicole (sraette)

    Yeah, this is the exact replica of the event in Japan. The three Pokemon are Iris’ Axew, Cilan’s Pansage, and Ash’s Pidove. They have a moveset that you can get ingame, their normal abilities, and one IV auto-set to 31.


  3. Tony

    yet again nintendo throws austraila in the garbage and hasnt given us the event just like we never got celebi and shaymin >_<

    well F*** you GameFreak


  4. Erwin

    can more than one egg in the sercet egg event cuz i want a better chance to get the girls pokemon on really ashs pidove i could have got any pidove but i want the girls pokemon


  5. PkmnTrainer Raine

    You all realize that if you *want* one of those 3 pokemon with that moveset and IV count and blah blah blah, you can simply craft if in PokeGen and send it to your game, right…? >~>


  6. xamnagol

    nope it’s pidove, axew or pansage with i’m guessing a special starter move…i downloaded to my game this morning…the store didn’t even remember I had to tell them so they could set the link up…and i hatched one of the eggs I got for my one copy and axew starts knowing scratch & dragon rage which it coulda learned at level 10…it’s not shiny or anything and it’s ability is mold breaker which i think is axews normal ability so i’m not seeing the hype of this event


  7. kam

    lol already got a haxorus….but wouldnt mind leveling up another one to redic stats

    hoping on getting the pansage though


  8. Andrew

    Kinda disappointed. There is absolutely NOTHING special about the pokemon that hatches. As far as I can tell, it has a normal ability, normal stats, and is not a shiny. I already have a better Axew that I caught. By the way, what is an IV? Also, going back to Erwin’s question, would it have been possible to get more than one egg? In addition, does anyone know how it decides which pokemon you get?


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