EQ Progression Servers Get Armor Quest Fixes At Last!

Today’s EverQuest patch notes indicate that, nearly 60 days into the launch of the progression servers, the newbie armor quests may finally be fixed.

I have not reconciled the thread where people were tracking the broken quests with the patch notes, but the patch notes do list quite a few fixes in that regard:

*** Progression Servers ***

– Corrected several recipes that were producing too much money and returned the alchemy vendors that sold the parts for them on progression servers.
– The Vial of Pure Water recipe has been made available on Progression servers.
– Newbie weapons (and other items from those quests) on Progression servers will now be weaker until more expansions are unlocked.
– Barbarian Northern Wolf and White Rose armor quests should now be working on progression servers.
– Quests for armor “of Ro” can now be completed on progression servers.
– Shaman armor quests that produce armor “of Justice” can now be completed on progression servers.
– Dark Elf quests for Orc Slayer, Bone Mail, and Ashen Bone Mail armors should now be functioning on progression servers.
– Druid armor quests that produce “Moss Toe” armor can now be completed on progression servers.
– Erudite Abattoir Initiate, Fell Blade, and Templar of Fright armor recipes have been enabled on progression servers.
– Gnome Plague and Initiate’s Watchmen armor recipes have been enabled on progression servers.
– Restored some missing gnomish newbie armor quest givers to progression servers.
– Half Elf/Wood Elf quests for Emerald Novice armor should now be functioning on progression servers.
– Halfling Thorn Mail and Bravefoot armor recipes have been enabled on progression servers.
– High Elf Art Keepers and Sylvan Initiate armor can now be created on progression servers.
– Human Coalition Trader, Sturdy Workman, Dismal Knight, Scourge Warrior, Scourge Sorcerer, Rage Sorcerer, Songweavers, Pestilence Priest, and Dismal Warrior armor recipes have been enabled on progression servers.
– Ogre quests for armors of Protection, Darkness, and War should now be functioning on progression servers.
– Troll armor quests for Da Bashers should now be working on progression servers.
– Krivn S`Tai has returned to progression servers.
– Some missing kobold parts have been restored to Toxxulia.
– Returned some creatures that were not spawning properly in the Butcherblock Mountains on progression servers.
– Restored some missing NPC spawns in Lavastorm on progression servers.
– Gnomes can now complete the quest for the Plague Raiser Mace on progression servers.
– Andara C’Luzz has been returned to her post on progression servers.
– Brunnel Kegstander is now available on progression servers.
– Wendel Deeppockets has returned to progression servers.

Of course, there has been some controversy over whether the quests should be in at all, but it is better to have them all in (or all out) rather than giving some classes/races access while others must do without.

The fact that weapons are being nerfed (3rd item on the list) is interesting, though one of the examples listed in the forums seems to indicate that the nerf might be a bit extreme:

cudgel of justice was  a 9dmg 37 delay weapon.  Now it sits at 3 dmg 37 delay yet  a rusty mace is 5dmg 38 delay.

That is quite a nerf!

There is now a follow up post from the devs about the weapon nerf.

Hey folks,

We realized many of you would have questions about the changes to the “Newbie” weapons, and want to answer them as completely as possible. The Devs went forward and prepared the following explanation, so as to clear up any confusion surrounding how and why these changes were made.

In our planning for the Progression servers, we decided that the “newbie” armor quests that had been placed in starting cities were a good idea and should remain in place.  They give directed advancement and afford players some items that they can use for much of the early game.  Two problems showed up, however.  First, the tradeskill recipes from those quests were not all labeled properly and most of them were inadvertently disabled on progression servers.  Second, the weapons from those quests were well above the armor in power, and we didn’t notice that until after many players were able to obtain them.

In this patch, we believe we’ve enabled all quests (including some that had been broken on live servers- your external sites may be inaccurate) and associated tradeskill recipes.  Every race and class that has these quests should be able to complete them now.

We had several options with the weapon issue:

  • Remove all weapon quests and delete any weapons already obtained. This was an unnecessarily punitive choice and was dismissed early.
  • Remove all weapon quests (until later) but leave the weapons for those players who already had them. This would stop the influx of powerful weapons, but would allow for a power gap between race/class combinations that had those weapons and those who did not due to issues outside of their control.
  • Leave the weapon quests in but change the rewards going forwards. This is a little better than the last choice, allowing all characters access to something for their efforts but leaving the power gap in place.
  • Leave the weapon quests in but modify the items so they are not as powerful until a later expansion is unlocked. This is what we chose, because it allows everyone to have their quests rewarded at an appropriate level for the content, whether they could complete the quests before this patch or not. We felt this option had the fewest negative effects and would cause the fewest problems in the future.

If there are no expansions unlocked, these weapons will be at about 40 percent of their maximum power.  They will automatically add (roughly, due to truncation) 15 percent to their power with each unlocked expansion and reach full power when the Planes of Power expansion is unlocked.  Although the charm script will be present on live servers (meaning you can only see the stats when the items are equipped), it will always return its full stats for the level of the item.

The EQ Dev Team

So that is the state of things there.

And on the platinum front it seems that they fixed the alchemy issue which was making some people very rich and driving up prices on the server.

I supposed we will see tonight if the fixes are really there and working.  I know Potshot has a stack of newbie armor quests lined up for Deneldir, just waiting for them to be fixed.

4 thoughts on “EQ Progression Servers Get Armor Quest Fixes At Last!

  1. Yeebo

    It seems a bit silly for a weapon you have to go through a long gathering quest to get to be weaker than a rusty mace (I can only imagine how godly a steel mace must be). I also recall that killing things as a melee can be pretty painfully slow even with a decent weapon.

    For example, my last stint in EQ was as a Beastaster, and even with a very strong weapon from a newbie quest they had recently put in combat seemed to go as slow as molasses. I guess I’ve been spoiled by modern fast paced MMOs.

    It’s at least a good that all the armor quests are back in.

    As an aside, even if I would never go back, I’ve really enjoyed reading about your travels in old school EQ.


  2. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    I was gagging at this weapon nerf news because Titann vendored a couple of Fine Steel weapons we picked up in Unrest. Those would probably come in handy just about now.

    On the other hand, most of our damage seems to come from the casters and Thrall’s pet. And Tarlach’s paladin weapon was a two hander which he replaced with a one hand weapon so he could wear a shield.

    So it is likely I just have to find a weapon for Tistann to be back in business again.

    Glad you are enjoying the Fippy Darkpaw series.


  3. Bhagpuss

    My necro pet does just fine with a rusty scythe. To the best of my knowledge, that will be better than his own attacks until I ge the Level 16 pet, whereafter he will do more damage with his bare bones. I believe from then his bare-handed attack will hit creatures that can only be hit by magic, too.

    Consequently, yes, pets do more damage. Don’t forget you can give even Enchanter pets weapons. I forget when they can dual wield, but once they can it may be worth it, rather than having him use a shield.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    And, even more important, I almost missed this item from the misc fixes section of the patch notes:

    “Fixed a few boat bugs that caused players to drop into the water, drop on the boat and take falling damage, disconnects when zoning on a boat, and the “rubber band” effect when riding with other players on a boat.”

    So the boats might work as planned now… maybe.


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