World of Tanks – Live At Last!

World of Tanks shared their launch day with another Russian of note.  We’ll see if their launch lives up to his.

Fortunately, the open beta client still works, you can just log in and it will patch up to the released version.

While the game is free to play, the launch means that they are now taking money for their in-game premium currency.  You can earn it slowly, or you can buy it directly.

The pre-order plans, which got you a special tank along with your gold, are now off the table.  I decided at the last minute to opt-in for the smallest pre-order, which got me the A-32 light tank and 12,500 gold.  We’ll see how well it does, and how long that gold lasts.

The A-32 Pre-Order Special

Detail of the launch and the rates for the in-game currency are on the World of Tanks site, but for the moment the pricing breaks down like this on the North American server:

1,250 in-game gold for $6.95

3,000 in-game gold for $14.95

6,500 in-game gold for $29.95

12,000 in-game gold for $49.95

25,000 in-game gold for $99.95

Will the game have long-term sticking power?  We shall see.  But for the moment it is exciting and the graphics are worth the download.

3 thoughts on “World of Tanks – Live At Last!

  1. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Cool, I will put you on my contact list, once I figure out which account I am playing. I inadvertently made two accounts since they announced the game, played on one, the did the pre-order on the other. I asked support if they could do a name reset on the account with the pre-order, since I ended up disliking the display name I chose for it. (I’d pay some of that gold to change the name, frankly.)


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