Pokemon Global Link Has Launched!

Pokemon.com has announced earlier this week that the Pokemon Global Link would launch on April 13th.

Previously delayed by the tragic earthquake in Japan, the new Pokemon Global Link is now live and accessible.

The Pokemon Global Link has two key pieces.  The first is the Pokemon Dream World.

The Dream World is an online play area and is analogous to the Pokewalker environment that was part of Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver.

Once you have followed the instructions on creating an account, you can connect to the Global Link, put one of your Pokemon to sleep (no, not that kind of put to sleep), and they will be transferred to the Dream World, which is accessed via your computer web browser.

My Herdier in the Dream World

In the Dream World you get an island to play on and a house to decorate.  You can link your island to the islands of your friends so you can visit each other.  There are things you can do to earn or grow berries, the Dream World currency,  to buy things to decorate your house.

And the catalog of decor seems pretty substantial already.

Bigger than the Sears Catalog

You can also transfer things back to Pokemon Black and White, so I am sure there will be some items that will be exclusive to the Dream World.  This is where you go to bring back the Pokemon you may have won playing BreakOut.

My daughter, once she gets her homework done, is eager to explore the Dream World.

The other, and probably more popular aspect of Pokemon Global Link is Global Battle Union.

This is Pokemon battle central.  You can battle your friends or take on random opponents.  You can track your battle statistics.  There are world-wide rankings to be achieved and regular Pokemon League seasons, akin to what goes on in the Pokemon Trading Card Game competitive world. (The TCG actually has its own online aspect now as well.)

This will be the place to be linked if you want to hone your battle skills for the upcoming Pokemon Video Game Championship Series.

All of this, of course, requires you have access to a wireless internet connection and that your Nintendo DS is configured correctly to connect to the internet via that wireless access point.  See the instruction booklet that came with your game for directions on connecting to the internet.

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