Some Armor Quests Now Work, Others Still Broken

I went on last night to see if the newbie armor quests on the EverQuest Progression Servers had been fixed.

The Halas ones, which were mentioned in the patch notes from yesterday to appear to be working now.  My barbarian warrior alt, Hafdan, who I made mostly just to suit up in the newbie armor, was able to make his helm, breastplate, and bracers.

The Horned Helm of Hafdan

However, the Surefall Glade quests appear to have been overlooked.  This, of course, affects our group, Deneldir being a half-elf druid from Surefall Glade.

The Surefall Glade armor quests were conspicuously NOT mentioned in the patch notes and when Potshot went and tried them, they still failed in the same old way.

So progress was made on the Progression Servers, but not everybody’s problem was fixed it seems.

I chalk it up to the continuing conspiracy against players that start in the Qeynos area.

4 thoughts on “Some Armor Quests Now Work, Others Still Broken

  1. smakendahed

    No, I’d say resentment towards droods and their mob hogging, train starting ways.

    Evil droods! Especially the halfling ones!


  2. Troy

    Isn’t that my luck? Both my guys are from Surefall Glade, Dinuldar my druid and Tuffenuff my ranger.

    I tell everyone that I have the Charlie Brown Syndrome in EQ — everyone gets a great piece of candy, but I end up with a rock.

    I have found a new home for my two guys in the upper levels of Sol A — although now I am questioning pairing a druid with a ranger. I am debating that I should have teamed them up differently.


  3. Bhagpuss

    Surefall Glade always did have to be satisfied with the empty wrappers out of Qeynos’s box of chocolates.

    Hmm. I wonder when Jaggedpine Forest will come in? And indeed the various other zones that were added between expansions.


  4. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @smakendahed – No, it is ranger hate, of that I am sure. Nobody likes rangers.

    @Troy – A druid for a support character in a two-box setup seems pretty ideal. The druid can heal, buff, and drop some nice damage when the time is right.

    A ranger for the other character though…. Not to join in on the ranger hate, but a nice big warrior from Halas would have been my choice. In fact, my “other alt” group is a druid/warrior combo. Now at least the warrior can get a suit of armor.

    @Bhagpuss – And Qeynos’ box of chocolates is one of those Whitman’s Sampler boxes that sits on the shelf of the dime store shelf gathering dust because nobody trusts it. Whitman’s just hasn’t been the same since Russel Stover bought them.

    Meanwhile, Freeport gets a fresh, custom box of everything and then some. *shakes fist*


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