LEGO Star Wars III – The Clone Wars

It is no secret that we are quite enamored with most of the LEGO games that Traveller’s Tales has put out.

We own almost the whole set, and have played them all.  Our current household ranking of the games, from most to least favorite, is:

  1. LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy – Maybe our most-played game on the Wii, this was TT’s second LEGO game, and they nailed what makes the games fun.  Lots of puzzles, hidden surprises that make you want to replay levels, and breaking things… lots of smashing things into their little LEGO parts.
  2. LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 – We call this one LEGO Harry Potter: Movies 1-4, since the game follows the movies and not the books.  But it does follow the movies very closely.  We found that we could watch the movie for a given year, then could play through that year in the game without ever needing a hint.  The spell system was fun.  My daughter could not wait and played through the game without me, which was a first.
  3. LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga – Combines the Original Trilogy with a reworked and more fun version of the original game.  We played it through, though replay value was tainted a bit by the fact that we had already played episodes IV through VI to death.
  4. LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original Adventures – Lots of fun, though light on content.  Made us go watch the movies again.  The Temple of Doom segment, like its movie counterpart, was our least favorite.
  5. LEGO Batman: The Video Game – Fun, though we are not as into super heroes around here as we might be.  Introduced the split screen concept, so my daughter and I would stop playing tug of war, but the flicker and playing on a partial section of screen was more annoying that the tug of war.  Also, the controls on the driving levels needed some improvement.
  6. LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure Continues – Like The Kingdom of the Crystal Skulls, proof that more is not always better.  Split screen flicker got worse, the cut scenes were too frequent, and they tried to make the lobby area part of the game with its own requirements, which turned it into a confusing mess.  My daughter played with the level creator more than we played the game, but the level creator didn’t seem to have a lot of real purpose in life.
  7. LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game – The first game in the series, and TT was still figuring out what was going to be fun.  This game is hard… that lava jumping level was a royal pain and there were a few levels we could barely start, much less finish.  All the levels were reworked in the spirit of “puzzles and breaking stuff” in The Complete Saga. Fortunately, TT quickly figured out what made the games fun and hit the mark squarely with LEGO Star Wars II.

So we had to get LEGO Star Wars II: The Clone Wars.

We received it in the mail about two weeks ago and it is currently vying for the second or third spot on our list above.

It follows the story, or at least the first two seasons, of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated series which we have been watching every Friday night at our house.  And while I have not been paying the closest attention to the series, I recognize situations that have come up over the course of the series.

The game introducing a new engine for the LEGO series which seems to help the Wii along as it tries to render things on screen.  The downside of the last few games, including Harry Potter, is that the Wii seemed to be quite taxed to keep up with what it was being asked to do.  That goes away, to a certain degree, with LEGO Star Wars III.

The flicker that bothered me seems to have been reduced.  Of course, those of you who grew up in the age of LCD monitors might not know to what I am referring, but flicker used to be a serious annoyance on CRT based monitors and tube TVs used as monitors.  The reduction in flicker might, of course, be attributed to the fact that we no longer have a tube TV, but a nice big LCD screen.

This bigger screen, since the game expands out to play on the full 16:9 screen, and the reduction in flicker makes split screen play more bearable.  I still am not fond of it, and neither is my daughter, and I wish it was an option that you could turn off, but it is not.  In fact, there are sections of play where two players work on separate parts of a level on a divided screen.

So my daughter and I make do by using the “drop out” option that lets one player leave the game so the other player can have the full screen to perform some task that really needs the whole screen to accomplish.  This is something of a weakness of the game, in my opinion.  Any number of times you have to take over some huge laser cannon and blow up an objective in the distance, only to have your screen cut diagonally across your view by you partner who is trying to knock off some droid troopers who have just shown up.

The game itself has all the things we have become used to in TT’s LEGO games, unlocks, hidden items, fun puzzles, and lots and lots of LEGO objects waiting to be smashed to pieces, an aspect of the game that is more satisfying in some visceral than it probably should be.  And it never gets old!  Never!

There are some new features.  You can now command a platoon sized group of clones, using them to target specific structures that need rapid fire to destroy.  There are a number of battlefield scenarios where you have to destroy separatist structures and capture their power sources to build Republic structure.  This includes a mini-map at the top of the screen which the Wii, its output limited to 480p, is unable to display clearly.  I would like to see the whole thing on 1080p output.

And then there is that clone troop with the Gatling blaster in the Ryloth missions.  I could just run around shooting that thing all day long.

Reviews of the game have come up in the “mediocre” range of 6.0-7.5 on a lot of sites.  The DS and 3DS versions, which lack a number of the new features, score at the low end, while the home console versions rank a little higher.  The main complaints, paraphrased by me, seem to be “not much new, and what is new gets over used.”

I cannot really argue with that.

We are only 30% into the game, but it still seems like a lot of fun us.  If you wanted more LEGO Star Wars, you’ll probably like it.  That is where we stand.  We wanted more and we got it.

If you did not like the past versions, you probably won’t like this any better.

And I am looking forward to the next installment from TT, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean.

I might have to make another pass at my old post about Five LEGO Video Games I Want.  If they can do Pirates of the Caribbean, the door is open to other ideas.

[Keen and Graev have a nice review of LEGO Star Wars III posted.]

8 thoughts on “LEGO Star Wars III – The Clone Wars

  1. Bri

    We’ve only played into it the first few levels, but the only criticism I have for the game so far is there’s sometimes so many NPC’s on the screen at once that you can’t immediately sort out the player characters and we kept killing each other needlessly. These same levels are mindless LEGO-baddie-smashing fun when playing solo. The ability to turn off “friendly fire” would be welcome.


  2. nelsonminar

    I’m loving this new game, I’m at about 70% now and may actually play to 100%, a first for me.

    I’m curious, have you found the new RTS style game? There are a couple of the main episodes that hint at it (you mentioned commanding clones) but eventually you unlock a couple of new game types. Curious what you think of them, it’s quite an innovation on TT’s part.


  3. smakendahed

    Same here though I’ve been getting them on the PS3.

    I didn’t get your 1. item, I skipped right to number 3. so it made it a 1 for me. I enjoyed the first Indiana Jones more than the Harry Potter so that’s a 2. for me. Next would have been Harry Potter. I liked Batman, but it had some bugs in it. I’d put that about 4. I didn’t like Indiana Jones 2 so it’s at the bottom of my list. I don’t know where I’d put the Clone Wars one on the list. IJ2 was a bit frustrating but it lasted the kids longer than SW3TCW did and I wasn’t too keen on some of the stuff added into SW3TCW so they’re pretty close for me.

    1. Lego Star Wars: Complete Saga
    2. Lego Indiana Jones
    3. Lego Harry Potter (1-4)
    4. Lego Batman
    5. Lego Indiana Jones 2
    6. Lego Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars

    Definitely looking forward to Pirates of the Caribbean! Maybe my sons will wait and let me play it with them this time…

    My oldest blew threw Batman, IJ2 and SW3TCW so I missed seeing a ton of the levels. :(


  4. Skarlarth

    My son and I saved and pooled our allowances for a couple of weeks to get this when it came out; “She Who Must Be Obeyed” would brook no change in the household budget :)

    We have had a fun time with it so far, but we are amazed (read dissapointed) in the small number of base missions in this offering. We burned through them in record time, all be it first runs only.

    Harry Potter, at it’s most basic level, had 4 “years” with 6 missions each for a total of 24, my rough estimate from my memory (at work right now) is that LSW III only had around 18 basic missions, and while some of the individual missions were long, the game as a whole still seems to be a bit short…

    We were also disapointed in that LSW III did not offer an ability to play the Dark Side of missions a la Lego Batman. I know it was never promised but it just seemed like it would be such a good fit for this version. To be honest, the way we played through the base missions so quickly, we were kind of hoping / expecting it.

    Given all that it is still fun and we still have to try the RTS style battles, Dear Son has to get get up to speed on these as he is new to the genre, and I am old and slow and used to Turn Based Strategy ;)

    Over all I would give it an honest 7 out of 10. Fun but not up to some of the best in the series:
    1) Star Wars – The Complete Saga
    2) Harry Potter
    3) Indiana Jones
    4) Batman
    –> LSW III comes here

    IMHO. We never played the individual Star Wars offerings and IJ2 is an abomination I refuse to acknowledge outside complaining about it.


  5. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @Skarlarth – I have to admit that we were hoping you could play the evil side missions ala LEGO Batman. I think that idea was set with the huge number of LEGO characters there are to unlock and the fact that you can fly over to the separatist ship in the lobby instance. Ah well.

    That will drop it behind LEGO Harry Potter for sure and put it in contention with LEGO Indiana Jones, which also suffered from a short content cycle.


  6. TheRemedy

    Only kind of related, but you ever try out that Lego mmo? I remember reading a blog post or two on your site about it but I don’t ever recall you mentioning if you played it or not.


  7. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @TheRemedy – Actually, I picked up a now heavily discounted copy of LEGO Universe in the mean time, which is part of why we are only 30% of the way into LEGO Star Wars III. More on that soon I hope.


  8. Bitter Girl

    This Lego Star Wars III is a fun game, but it is a little hard for a single player. It could get very frustraiting very faxt to a kid trying to play it.
    There are not very many options to improve game play. You can’t adjust difficulty. You can’t stop friendly fire.
    It’s difficult to lock on to things with the force and the characters don’t shoot at the targets that are placed before them. Like I said, the game is more difficult than it needs to be.
    But if you have the patience to play with the annoying little things then the game is fine.

    Another glitch we’ve noticed ist that it causes our system to freeze up several times. We’ve had the game for a week and we’ve had to unplug the system at least 5 times.


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