How Like Unto a Pokemon

The ongoing wonders of Facebook ads.

Because, of course, when I think of Pokemon, I think of leading an army of humans, “elfs,” orcs, demons, and undead.

Very Pokemon like indeed.

And, well, for the first game with real action (not clicks) and spectacular effects I am sure the sky is the limit.

1 thought on “How Like Unto a Pokemon

  1. Vrykerion

    I’m more confused by “real action (not clicks)”? If it were some kind of motion control system (Punch in real life, punch the Orc-emon in game) then it would just be some kind of Kinect/Wii/Move variation and thus wouldn’t be first…

    Maybe you have to actual go and kill a real orc-emon or demon-chu for it to count in the game? Now that is hardcore. And impossible. Eh, I’ll rent it.


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