Daily Archives: April 18, 2011

LOTRO Lotto Steed

While I haven’t been playing much Lord of the Rings Online this year, I do follow the LOTRO twitter feed (@lotro) so I get tidbits of news about the game.

Game company Twitter feeds are actually one of the reasons I actually check Twitter.  It isn’t that I don’t care about, say, Casey Schreiner’s search for a new apartment (@dropdeadsuit if you really do care), but I do find it difficult to put that information towards any real use.

Not so the game company feeds.  They often have tidbits of information that I find interesting and informative.  Yes, TERA Online seems a little flighty and a bit spammy some days, but most of the game companies show some restraint.

One of the things that Turbine tweets about on their LOTRO feed is the LOTRO lotteries.  And because of that, I tend to enter the lotteries when they have something neat, and over the last week they had some lotteries for mounts.  Mounts are neat, but not something I’d spend my Turbine point on, so I entered.

And, much to my surprise, because I generally only enter a few of my characters, the ones I might actually play again, I won one.

You are a winner!

I received the Cremello Steed, which sounds like something you put in your coffee, but which turns out to be a pretty nice looking mount.

Cremello Steed in Bree

It is actually the color of coffee creamer, now that I look at it.  And I am wearing my Fancy Snow Cloak still, something from a past lottery.

I do wish I could transfer the mount to which ever character I end up playing next.

So following the LOTRO Twitter feed has worked out for me.

Who else’s feed has paid off that well?