2011 Pokemon Video Game Championship Dates and Locations Announced!

The official site for the 2011 Pokemon Video Game Championship Series page is up at last, and Nintendo has released the dates and locations for the events leading up to the final world-wide Championship in San Diego.  Kotaku first posted the dates and locations, which I reposted here.

For the United States, the events will be:

In Europe, the events scheduled are:

The US National championship will be held in Indianapolis on July 8-10.

And the final World Championship round will be held August 12 through August 14 at the Hilton San Diego Bayfront in San Diego, California.

There is a page up for tournament regulations and a FAQ.

The San Jose location is very close to me, so I am sure my daughter and I will at least head out to see how the event goes.  Remember, arrive early… very early.  The lines for entering the event have been, in the past, very long.

How about you?  Will you be able to get to an event?  Will you enter and compete?

1 thought on “2011 Pokemon Video Game Championship Dates and Locations Announced!

  1. Spirit Guardian

    I’ll definately try to go for the June 18th date! I’ve been working on my team for quite a while – in fact, one of pokemon that’s on my team is about lv 80 right now…


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