Surefall Glade Gets Some Love At Last…

Today’s EverQuest patch notes indicate that Rangers and Druids from Surefall Glade may finally be able to complete their newbie armor quests.

*** Quests & Events ***

– Fixed tradeskill combines for Felwithe Defender, Pine Scout, and Pine Druid armor on Progression servers.

We’ll see tonight if Deneldir can make his new armor.

Meanwhile, the somewhat harsh reductions in damage for the newbie quest weapons have been relaxed a bit.

– Newbie weapons on Progression servers will now start at 60 percent of their normal stats and gain 10 percent per unlocked expansion.

That might be enough for my guys to actually pull those weapons out of the bank.

5 thoughts on “Surefall Glade Gets Some Love At Last…

  1. Troy

    I never really did the newbie armor quests in the day, but I started two new characters over the last week. Two dark elves; a sinister Shadow Knight and a Mage. I also decided to do the newbie armor quests and was surprised at how easy and fun they were. I also imagine using this armor until at least Kunark, if not all the way to Velious.

    With that said, I cannot wait to get my armor done for the half-elves ranger/druid toons I have. The quests will be so much easier since both are in their 20s now.

    I can’t wait until this weekend.


  2. Snick

    The newbie armor quests were instituted some time near the release of Luclin, if memory serves. I can’t recall if it was to balance new players with the armor quests created for the Vah’Shir or just to boost the new player base in general. I specifically remember the quests when they added the evil gnome areas in Ak’Anon as I created a near-sighted gnome shadow knight that worshipped Bertoxxulous and loved the goggle-helm that came with the newbie armor.


  3. Bhagpuss

    The gnome armor quest was the only one I ever did all the way through. The offhand item was so good I I used it almost into the 50s.

    I also loved that goggle hat!


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