Daily Archives: April 23, 2011

Tough Guy in the Bunny Hat

Nothing says, “I’m serious” in an MMORPG like the right hat on your character.

Who you calling, "fuzzy?"

Yes, this is the bunny hat from the Station Store spring basket special.

For a dollar (100 Station Cash) you get a bunny hat and a cape.

Actually, you get one of five random bunny hat/cape combos.  But I am not playing that game.  I was in for a dollar, but no more.

The cape is not so attractive.  Not in my opinion anyway.

LOTRO would never sell me a cape this bad

No, the hat is the key item in this deal.  It even has a cotton tail on the back.

Sam Waterson selling me on Ameritrade

The hat is a little disturbing when you think about it.  It isn’t just a bunny hat, but a hat with the bunny’s head sticking out of the front.

Still, it looks better than any of the male half-elf hair styles, so I am sticking with it.