Quote of the Day – Nostalgia for a Box Lined with Broken Glass

If your community was currently being dragged from place to place in a wooden box lined with broken glass, and you told them you were going to replace the box with a hovercar lined with fur, you would have [to] pry half of them out of the box with a crowbar. And some of them will be complaining years from now that riding in the box built character, and fur makes them sneeze.

-The Metaverse Mod Squad (Sanya Weathers)

on Making Community Changes Without Pain

That wooden box lined with broken glass made for much better war stories.

8 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – Nostalgia for a Box Lined with Broken Glass

  1. Dril

    @Wilhelm: Wait, wait…pretend murder? Are you saying fake fur is actually a video game in disguise? Or vice versa?

    My mind. It be blown.


  2. Sören

    Reading the quote I’d expected it to be about the Eve Online community. Well, rethinking about it: the Eve players would complain “Fur causes lag! We dont need fur. Better fix the bug which softens the sharp edges of the broken glass.”


  3. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    Isn’t Crazy Kinux’s tag line already something like, “EVE is a box full of broken glass; get used to it!” or some such?

    No doubt there would be an intense debate over the broken glass and whether or not it was made from the sand in the sandbox that is EVE Online.


  4. smakendahed

    I miss a meaningful community… or even a community. It’s hard to be a loner when everyone else is one too. :(



  5. SynCaine

    “EVE is a sandbox full of mines”

    And yea, if I bought a game that was pitched as a ride in a box with glass (UO), you better believe I don’t want a hover car with fur (WoW) to replace it. One persons opinion of ‘better’ is not applicable to everyone, and not every ‘obvious’ change works out like that (X-server dungeon finder = trash community, who knew?!)


  6. Wilhelm Arcturus Post author

    @SynCaine – Yeah, somehow I don’t think the type of community change she is talking about is quite as drastic as you’re pitching it.

    It would be more like changes to the the UI of EVE so that it is more comprehensible. No matter what you change, somebody out there will insist that feature as it stands is the best and singular defining feature of the game and to change it is to betray all the game stands for.


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