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April in Review

The Site

It soldiers on.  I keep thinking I am going to change the theme, but whenever I do, I switch back in a couple of hours.  I even used April Fools as an opportunity to try out a new theme.  I couldn’t wait to switch back.

The Wilhelm Arcturus Experience

I do not know why I have this urge to change the theme.  It probably comes from the fact that almost every magazine to which I subscribe feels the need to change their look and layout at least once a year.  Of course, that annoys me, so maybe that isn’t it.

One Year Ago

Video games as art?  Have we flogged Roger Ebert enough over that yet?

Turbine was purchased by Warner Brothers Home Entertainment.  No word on a Harry Potter MMO as yet.

Crimson Leaf Games brought out their rework of Megawars III / Stellar Emperor.  1986 style online game play at a much cheaper price.

SOE announced a new subscription plan for EQII, the EQII Passport.  Framed by at least one person as “1/3 the price for 1/10 the access” it surely must have been the right plan for somebody.

And speaking of paying for games, I wondered where Facebook credits were headed.  They seemed like a bad deal for games relative to paying companies like Zynga directly.  Despite speculation that they would be the ONLY currency allowed on Facebook, that has yet to come to pass.

And while talking about Facebook games, I couldn’t bring myself to play Mafia Wars, so I secured a deposition about the game from a friend.

Blizzard introduced the Celestial Steed (aka the sparkle pony or the greed steed) to the Blizzard Store.  Blog reactions were mixed, but the queue to buy the mount on day one got 140,000 transactions deep.  That is a lot of horsies, which meant they were everywhere in the game pretty soon.  The Lil’ XT companion pet that was introduced at the same time also made its own mark on the world… until Blizzard toned it down.

The instance group was in WoW still, playing horde characters on the Lightninghoof RP-PvP server.  We we working on Dire Maul, attempting a successful tribute run after having run around Blackrock Depths.

Since the instance group was getting close to finishing up the classic WoW dungeon and wondering if we should press through the Burning Crusade content (as short as it passes), we started exploring other games as possible alternatives.  This lead us to try out Runes of Magic for a bit.

And then there was April Fool’s.  I had a contest while Blizzard went over the top, as usual.

And, finally, the cruelest 2010 April Fool’s tease, the iPad arcade stand, looks like it might become reality pretty soon.

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I’m glad to see something that wasn’t merely a link to some place else made the list.

Most Common Search Terms of the Month

  1. zorua
  2. how to get zoroark
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  5. blizzard april fools
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Search Term of the Month

why is lord of the rings online free?
[There is a Free Peoples joke in there somewhere]

world of warcraft hentai porn
[Come again?]

Spam Comment of the Month

This may be the most epic warcraft book ever written!!!!! I am still wowed, speechless, and enthralled by what i just put down. I’ve never been this excited to play a game expansion in my life. I don’t want to spoil the experience for anyone, so i will not hit on the plot scenarios of the book. So much happens. I got to understand characters i’ve seen in game for years so much more. Golden did her masterwork with this one. Also, is it just me or has blizzard’s books just been kicking ass these last few years? Golden has been doing an amazing job, but even the other lesser talked about books like the manga and more have all been really good.

This is a must read. I just pre-ordered the game after reading the end. can’t wait.

[I really have no idea.]

Where I Spent My Gaming Time

From Raptr, which seems to have a problem detecting EverQuest at times and which still does not count Lord of Ultima (which it ought to) or Pokemon (which it probably can’t).  Still, for what it can count, here is the ranking.

  1. EverQuest II Extended – 49%
  2. EverQuest – 37%
  3. Dungeon Overlord – 6%
  4. World of Tanks – 4%
  5. World of Warcraft – 3%
  6. Lord of the Rings Online – 1%

Time spent in LOTRO was entirely collecting lottery winnings.  Dungeon Overlord is an SOE Facebook game.


The Fippy Darkpaw adventure continues.  It has been side tracked just a bit by us delving into a different game and by the allergy season.  The wet winter made for a vibrant spring, which in turn set off my allergies which tend to leave me exhausted by the end of the day.  So EQ, which requires some focus, especially when 2-boxing, falls off the desirable list.

EverQuest II Extended

The new destination for the instance group, though EQII is an old home for me.  I think this adventure in Norrath will work out as long as we can keep the group together level-wise (for which the game provides tools) and are able to find suitable group content.  That last bit could be the sticking point, since EQII favors open dungeons which means you might find all your choices overrun with other groups, farmers, or higher level players just in the mood to grief.

On the bright side, at the end of an allergy plagued day, EQII harvesting and crafting are just about my speed.

World of Tanks

It is live, it is still fun, I still play.  It is the go to game when I have 30 minutes to play.

World of Warcraft

Cataclysm just was not doing it for the instance group.  I think the time spent in WoW was mostly while talking about what other games we should try.

Oddly, my daughter has gotten bored with WoW as well, although that is probably more because she spent most of the summer in the Cataclysm beta.  After running around a lot as a well equipped level 85 character, she wasn’t thrilled about going back to leveling I guess.  Now Animal Jam is her favorite.

So the play time report for both of our accounts has come back with this for the last couple of weeks:

There was no play time activity this week.

It is time to cancel Azeroth for a while I think.

Pokemon Black and White

I am progressing slowly but steadily.  I am still trying to gauge the new games.  They are, as the series demands, much like their predecessors.  On the other hand, each generation adds something new.  It is not as exciting as the first Pokemon game I played, but it still keeps me interested.

PlayStation 3

It is turning into a fine video device.  We stream Netflix through it all the time and watch DVDs and Blu-Ray disks on it.  Games though?  Not so much yet.

Coming Up

The instance group will have to find its legs in EverQuest II.

We will get our first new video game for the PS3, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean.  I am looking forward to that.

And hopefully the pollen in the air will die down and my sinuses will start to feel better.  It has been a miserable allergy season so far and we’re only a couple of weeks into it.