SOE Offline for a Second Day

Hey folks, in response to many inquiries, we wanted to reassure you that all of your characters and items are safe and awaiting your return. We continue to work on the issues as fast as we can, but unfortunately the servers will not come up today. Thank you for your continued patience; we expect to be back up very soon.

SOE Update on Facebook, 18:15 PDT, May 3

Well, it looks like the downtime might eclipse the great December 2004 EverQuest II outage, which ran about 2 days if I recall right.

Has any other big name MMO, like WoW or EverQuest, been down for more than a couple of days?

4 thoughts on “SOE Offline for a Second Day

  1. Buckettone of Nagafen

    Sit tight. Most outside agency security consulting firms have a minimum downtime of 72 hours for a confirmed intrusion. So yes, it WILL eclipse the 2004 outage.

    Although my memory fails me exactly due to the length of time, I believe that Everquest was down for 4 or 5 days approximately 10-12 years ago for some major data errors. But I do not believe that the entire system was taken offline for it, I believe that all other MMO genre’s were up and functional.

    This is in fact a world first that a multimillion subscriber game based online network has been taken down in its entirety for anything other than planned maintanence, for an unspecifed duration.

    At the time of this post… about 45 hours and counting
    (According to last seen server log, 3:30AM PST May 2nd)


  2. Iphigenia

    If I remember correctly (it’s been a long time!) WoW was down for nearly about a day right around the time the Burning Crusade expansion launched. Other than that, they took individual servers down for hardware upgrades, which might have been as long as 24 hours.


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