One Possibly Amsuing Result of the Sony Hacking

I had to laugh when I read this over at Kotaku.

Sure, it hasn’t come to pass, but it would be amusing if it did.

Hackers, it seems, get $5-10 per credit card/identity sets on the… do we call it a black market?

Anywhere, where ever it is they do their buying and selling, that is the price range.

But there is a worry in the hacker community that if all of those Sony credit card/identity sets suddenly flood the market, the price might drop as low as $1-2 per set.

Life is tough all over I guess.

Meanwhile, the latest SOE update just showed up.

We regret that we were unable to bring services back online today, and continue to work hard on the issue!

It has to be painful down in San Diego this week.