The Thermometer Says 96, But It “Feels” Like We’re Going to be Roasted Alive!

Weather Underground, a weather service based on data from amateur weather stations.

It is like open source for weather reporting. It is proof that people aren’t just talking about the weather, they are trying to do something about it.

And it is the weather reporting service of choice for Google.  Or at least it is one of the default apps on iGoogle.

Good enough for Google, good enough for all of us.

So imagine my surprise when I checked the outside temp this past afternoon.

I wonder what it would feel like without those clouds.  We sure could use a breeze… or would that turn the whole place into a convection oven?  Either way, I would recommend staying inside if you are in the vicinity of Campbell Ave. and Foote St.

Meanwhile, a couple of miles down the road nobody is in danger of feeling as though they were being baked alive in a giant oven.

It is still partly cloudy, but only 78 degrees, which is what it is supposed to feel like around here on a spring afternoon.

That is quite a gap.

So I decided to check with the National Weather service, which is apparently too snooty to take weather data from just anybody’s back yard, sitting in direct sunlight, get’s hit by the sprinklers every other afternoon, weather station, and instead feels content to tell me about the temperature based on how things are going at the airport.

Normally I would point out that not only do I not live at the airport, but that the place always feels hotter than the rest of the valley because it is made up of a couple of square miles of black asphalt surface which seems to collect and radiate heat.  Out on the tarmac at SJC is the only place I have been since that bus ride in Madera County that felt like it was 165 degrees.

But the National Weather Service apparently knows something about weather stations.

They said it was 85 degrees and that it felt like 85 degrees.  Since this matched up with the readout from the cooling system in our office, I guess I have to give them their due.  Or dew.  Or something.

You might ask why I didn’t check the weather read out in the building first.

Well, that is nearly 4 cubes walk away, while Google is right here on my desk…

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